Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Mary said, "I am the Lily of the Valley and the Lady of the Fields."  Meet Lily Grace Calis, born on Friday evening, November 13!  She took her first breath of air at 6:58 p.m; about 3 hours after we  arrived at the hospital and, by some miracle of mercy, less than 10 minutes after my water broke.  I'm thankful for what feels like a much, much easier delivery and recovery compared to Aaron's birth, and it's helped me enjoy our first days at home fairly peacefully.  Fairly!  But wonderfully.

I know you can't even see the baby in this one but I just find it hilarious.

Aaron's welcome home offerings to his little sis
Blurry because I couldn't stop crying enough to hold the camera still!
I'm taking some time off from my own writing to embrace all this newness, beauty, and exhaustion, but happily, I've asked some friends to contribute their own stories and ideas over the weeks to come and am so excited to share them with you!  Check back Friday for a guest post of my own, next week for the kickoff of a new blog series, and stay tuned for some upcoming guest pieces and all things holiday.

Meantime, you can follow our adjustment as a family of 4 on Instagram.  Please say a prayer for us during this transition!  The joy of all this, you guys.  Truly, it overflows.   



  1. What a beauty! So many congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!! She is just precious!

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations to your growing family!

  4. I really love your weblog, Its great to find not absolutely everyone is just posting a ton of rubbish these days!

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