Friday, August 7, 2015

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 34

{story of a soul, condensed}

Unknown to them until now, if they're reading, Emily and Elise inspired this post with their roundups of things they're lately immersed in, pondering, and in love with.  Inspired, I'm shamelessly bandwagoning and linking up with Kelly.

{1} Creating: It's around this time of year that this eager beav starts making lists of what to give for Christmas.  I mean even the store-bought stuff, not just the homemade things that take longer.  I just really like picking out presents.  Anyway, since I'll have a one-month-old this Christmas, I figured I'd enjoy this chance to get a head head start on holiday knitting projects.  I'll never tell what this will be or who it's for.  Well, until they get it at Christmas.  I should be using Andrew's and my when-we-have-time Netflixing to keep at it, but instead I'm content to just cuddle while...

{2} Watching: The Office.  It will never not be my favorite comedy.  I loved the show while it was still on TV, but for some reason (probably college and its unpredictability) never actually watched it on TV--always DVDs or online.  It's our first time watching the last two seasons, which I'm nervous about because everyone said the show falls apart after Steve Carell's departure…maybe our standards are lower than we thought, but so far so funny.  Fingers crossed.  Or maybe it's not that bad?  Someone reassure me?!

{3} Testing the waters: Even though I've been wearing makeup since my mom first let me in 8th grade, I'm not sure I'd say I actually know how to use it well (the proof's in the sparkly lipgloss of my high school years and my eternal failure to ever, ever keep mascara on my lashes where it belongs), beyond the basics of knowing how to line my eyes and put on blush and chapstick.  I stumbled onto this via Pinterest and mentioned to my sister my fear-yet-curiosity about venturing into very, very subtle contouring.  She let me borrow this little number and to my surprise, my skin didn't look too orange, too fake, too Kardashian, or anything, just…like my skin.  Or my skin if it were naturally a little smoother and brighter.  I like.

{4} Listening: Jon Foreman, every single time I open up Spotify.  Since college, I've actually preferred his solo music to his recordings with Switchfoot, and his new EP, Sunlight, is so poetic and beautiful.  Because I love the Theology of the Body so much, I tend to see it everywhere and attribute everything artistic to it, even if I'm aware the artist was unaware (to me it's just proof that the human heart is full of universal longings!).  But honestly, it seems impossible not to see TOB in lyrics like "the feeling comes to me again / the feeling to give up and to give in / the feeling that I've already lost the war / but a pure heart is worth waiting for" and "we're not destined for this pain / we hide ourselves and put the fig leaves on / but a mask can never cover up this shame."  So, so, so so beautiful.

Clutching the belly band for dear life.
{5} Wearing: I am desperately trying to make my regular shorts last the summer with the help of a belly band, but mercy, mercy, I'm not sure I'm going to make it.  I'm fairly certain this pregnancy's 25-week belly looks more like last time's 30-weeks-or-more belly!  I also realized that since I'm not working now like I was during Aaron's pregnancy, the shorts I wear to chase a toddler are a lot less forgiving, comfort-wise, than the skirts and dresses I was wearing to the office most days two years ago.  But it's not so bad; it's as amazing as I remember, in fact.  I've loved finally getting to share our little girl's kicks with Andrew, who can feel her from the outside now!  And pants are for chumps.  Or for being seen in public only.

{6} Wishing for: It's not maternity friendly, and even less bank account-friendly, a.k.a. between those two things it'll never be mine, but is this maxi not one of the prettiest skirts you've ever seen?  I love the silhouette, the wide waistband, and love, love, love the leaf print.  The rest of the pieces in this collection are gorgeous, too.  A pregnant girl on a budget can dream.

{7} Praying: We spent about 14 hours' worth of last Saturday and Sunday afternoons laying in bed with Aaron as he slept and cried his way through the third ear infection of his little life.  He's on the mend this week, and I feel guilty that I secretly enjoy the sick snuggles, since they come at the expense of his comfort!  More and more, I'm aware that having one baby who can play and do some things indecently, who sleeps well, and who we more or less have figured out (oh my pride…it's definitely less, but I like to think I am much calmer and more knowledgeable than when he was first born) has given us such a sacred time to enjoy him solo before his sister arrives in a few months, and also a pretty easy time.  My prayer lately has been that I can embrace what's sure to be far less free time and complete abandonment of a schedule for a while when the time comes for our family to adjust to two babies.  Now that Aaron's more capable of doing things on his own when I need a few minutes to get a chore finished or to make a phone call, I struggle at times to be present with him when I don't need to be doing anything besides talking to him or playing with him.  Not in a helicopter way, just in a quality time way.  Joy flows from sacrifice and service, and I want my children to know that through my example.

Anything exciting going on this weekend?  Mine's got an outdoor Zumba class and my niece's third birthday on the calendar.  Have a wonderful one.

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  1. Ahhh thanks for reading Stephanie!! I'm honored :) We also still need to get lunch/ finally meet in person! So glad you started up blogging again :)



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