Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love Notes: Anniversary Gifts for Your First 5 Years of Marriage

{small ways to show great love}

Andrew and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary in two and a half weeks!  When I stop to consider all the graces that have been poured over us, I really am amazed by God's faithfulness and by what a sacrificial, humble, purely loving man He's entrusted to me.  I don't deserve him, truly, but will spend all the days of my life trying to be worthy of the love Andrew so freely shows to me and to our family.

Although we like to spoil other people for Christmas and birthdays, we aren't huge gift-givers with each other.  Even so, I've always enjoyed the idea of giving traditional anniversary gifts.  Since the big things like gold and pearls don't come along for years, I like the freedom and creativity that this list offers (Who came up with it?  Why so authoritative?  When did couples get bored receiving simple things and ask for appliances instead?  I love it but I have so many questions!).

As a kid, I can remember reading the rundown on my mom's Hallmark store shopping bags and asking her if, say, the year's present was cotton, you were supposed to give your husband a cotton ball, or in other years, a sheet of paper, or a piece of aluminum foil.  Fortunately, I've become less literal-minded over the years and came up with these ideas instead.
Art print, Minted.  Stationary, Sugar Paper.

Other Paper Ideas: A photo album, book of poetry or spiritual reading, a scavenger hunt (you need paper to write the clues, so it counts, yeah?), and of course, a sweet note or card!

Bow Tie, Etsy.  Throw, Lands' End (the combination of your initials for a married monogram is a nice touch!). 

Other Cotton Ideas: New sheets or a comforter for your bed, clothes, a nautical rope bracelet like this one (because they have love knots!), cotton candy and a trip to the ballpark or fair.

Journal, Barnes & Noble.  Clutch, K. Slademade.

Other Leather Ideas: A nicely bound Bible or breviary, wallet, belt, or keychain, sports equipment.  Well…the kind made of leather, like a baseball mitt.

Homemade infusion and cocktail book, Amazon.  Bracelet, Alex and Ani.  The fleur-de-lis is a lily and a traditional symbol for Our Lady!
Other Fruit and Flower Ideas:  I feel like I'm getting away easy this year since there are so many dates that could spring from these gifts!   Head to an orchard or farm to pick your own fruit, visit a botanical garden, plant some seeds or a tree in your yard (I hear lemon trees are easy to care for, plus how could you not use a lemon tree?), or maybe try your hand at fondue and get to dippin'.

Watch, Fossil.  White Woods perfume, Sephora.
Other Wood Ideas: Rosaries, cutting boards or cooking utensils, a hiking date, a crucifix for your home.

What do you think?  If you're engaged, is this a tradition you'd like to start?  And if you're married, have you and your hubs given any of these gifts?  I'd love to hear about the best, most creative presents you've given or received!


  1. This is really a wonderful post.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I like sticking with the traditional anniversary gifts and now I have an idea for what I want this year! ...Next up - what to get the hubs! :)



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