Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue Linkup

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If there is any dwelling of a Catholic twentysomething out there without at least one Save the Date magnet, wedding invite, or bridal shower invitation on the fridge, I would like to see it.  It's that stage of our lives, and summer wedding season is upon us, yeah?

I've loved watching my friends get married over the last few years--in addition to the complete joy of witnessing two souls promise their love and fidelity to each other for eternity, before the One who brought them together, I particularly enjoy all the little reveals a wedding day brings: the bride in her dress (no matter if you've already seen the dress, or even her in it, there's something entirely different and special about watching her wear it as the doors open and she makes her way up the aisle), the music and readings the couple chooses for their liturgy, their first dance, and the funny stories I might not have heard before that come up during toasts.

Those sorts of wedding deets are the big, surface-level ones, which, don't get me wrong, are awesome in their own right.  But I also love hearing about the more hidden aspects that go into the day, which brings me to this linkup.  Tell me about your somethings old, new, borrowed, and blue!  Often, these items have the most special, traditional, or romantic stories attached, and they aren't always obvious or well-known.  I think they deserve to be shared, so if you're up for it, spill!  I'll go first.

I didn't initially put a huge amount of thought into my special somethings until right before my wedding.  Everyone in my family was so stressed leading up to the big day, and I was trying, probably a little too hard, to make a point of being laid-back.  So, while the idea of carrying these four items as a bridal tradition was appealing to me, I sort of figured they'd just fall into place.

All photos by Natalie Franke Photography

That was why, until about a week beforehand, I figured I had the Something Old box checked with the pearl earrings I wear almost every day.  Honestly, I just buy a new, cheap pair from Claire's every year or so, the bigger the better, and I didn't see a reason to get new ones for my wedding day when the ones I'd been wearing were perfectly serviceable.

My mom surprised me, though, with a last-minute DIY.  She bought a locket to attach to my bouquet, its frame intended for a photo of me as a baby with her dad, my grandfather, who died when I was three.  In went the picture, out flowed my tears, and on the back she wrote "Papa te ama," Spanish for "Papa loves you."  Yes.  That little photo from years ago was a treasure, and a much worthier something old.  My sister will carry the same locket (with a different photo, of course) when it's her turn one day!

Something New is an easy one when getting married means buying more stuff than you've ever bought in your life.  I'll go with my dress, which you can read more about here.  This was a little before the dawn of photogenic, Pinteresty hangers, but here she is, accompanied by my grandma (She's been a seamstress her whole life and disapproved of the hemming job that was done.  The gown was still a little long, so she actually basted a new hem for me, making me stand perfectly still while eating cocktail meatballs--she also in her very Grandma way made me eat--between the Mass and reception!  She's a champ).  It's a strapless, slub-textured silk ball gown  with a sash.  Clean and classic, just like I wanted.  And it had pockets, which I actually used!  I wish it were socially acceptable to wear it again.

I didn't have anything Borrowed picked out, but I should've known I was bound to forget something important until I realized I needed it.  The wedding was on Andrew's and my college campus, which meant getting ready about an hour and a half from my parents' house and all of my stuff that still resided there.  As I was getting ready for bed the night before, I found out the only outfit I'd packed for all the prep time was a low-cut dress I usually wear as a layer, but I hadn't brought an extra cami or sweater to wear it with.  Since I didn't want a bunch of my wedding photos to have all the goods on display, I called my friend and bridesmaid Beth around midnight and asked her to bring me a button-up shirt I could wear over the dress while I got my hair done and put on makeup, one that I told her I shallowly hoped would look okay on camera.  "Only the best for my Stephy," she assured me.  She delivered.  Here's photographic evidence that I was moved to hug her for letting me borrow that gingham.

My Something Blue was the only item I'd had chosen for ages. Blue undies, y'all.  Self-explanatory.

No problem if you don't have a blog--I'd still love to hear about your special day!  Leave a comment and share your wedding Somethings there.


  1. I don't have a blog to link up on, but if I may share here...

    My something old was my great grandmother's rosary, which I wrapped around my bouquet. My grandparents saved it for me after Great Grandma's death and gave it to me for my First Communion. The beads are worn smooth from her fingers--I love it.

    Something new was a string of pearls from my groom.

    Something borrowed was my mom's veil, which my grandmother made (she also made Mom's dress, but that didn't fit me). We altered the headpiece to make it less 80s, but the veil itself is beautiful--two layers, trimmed with lace. I also followed my mom's example and wore the veil through the whole reception. I didn't want to take it off!

    Something blue was easy: the sapphires on my engagement ring :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Anna! Three generations in one wedding ensemble...that's so beautiful! Go you for altering your mom's headpiece--my parents were an 80s couple, too, and I didn't dare touch their wedding style, haha.

  2. I haven't touched my blog in a while so I think I'll share here too! What a fun link up! Something old: I wore my mom's wedding dress, which didn't need any alterations, amazingly. We did have it cleaned though. I hope my sister gets to do the same, if she would like to!
    Something new: several things; a lace edge veil I bought in Lisieux, France. I have a huge devotion to St. Therese and her mom was a lace maker. I got it for an amazing steal! A fascinator hair piece for the reception and my little shoulder shrug for the ceremony.
    Something borrowed: diamond earrings from my sister.
    Something blue: my garter from Walmart! lol

    1. Dude, what a beautiful story behind your veil! I had no idea Therese's mother made lace; that's a beautiful way to share your devotion to her. ...I'm sensing an unmentionables theme among the blue things!

  3. This is such a fun linkup idea, Stephanie - thanks for hosting it! And I wish it were socially acceptable to wear my dress again, too!

  4. I didn't have a "something borrowed". Oh well. My something old/blue and something new/blue were special though. My mom gave me $100 she had saved for me after my sister died as a newborn as a gift from my sister for my wedding day and I used it to buy a sapphire necklace, so blue and new. My engagement ring was a sapphire (which was new - put in by my husband) in a setting that belonged to my great grandmother (so old). I didn't plan anything though - just wore what I wanted to wear and happened to luck out to have some old and new and blue. (My bracelet and earrings were sapphires too - so TONS of blue.)

  5. Such a fun idea, Stephanie! Love it!

  6. I missed it (wahhhh!!!), but here's the link to my post: http://thebrezblog.blogspot.com/2014/05/throwback-thursday-bridal-edition.html


  7. So, I just got engaged last Saturday but today I was trying on my dress that I had gotten back in March during spring break (long story) with the shoes that I had found earlier and I had sent to my parent's house and I discovered I had already worked out a something old, new, borrowed, and blue. So... my fiancé and I knew for at least a year we would be getting married but he was waiting until around graduation to propose because he knew my last year and particularly my last semester of college would be the most stressful. Therefore, when I found the first wedding dress I was truly excited about listed on Etsy from a vintage shop in New Jersey (for under $300) I felt comfortable planning a trip with my mom and sister and not missing the opportunity. I ended up getting a different dress than the one I went to see but who would argue with the perfect dress made as if it were to your measurements, with the exact old school class that perfectly matches my personality, and I paying the same amount my grandmother did for her dress in 1959. So, since it came from the late 50's, my dress is actually my something old not my something new. That same grandmother had mentioned years ago that she had found the headpiece for her veil that both her and my great-grandmother had worn for their weddings and today when I asked she said she would be honored if I wore it for my wedding as well. (something borrowed) She also agreed to make my wedding veil for me (my something new). For my something blue I had been thinking about getting a blue rosary bracelet, which I still might do, but my mom pointed out that Greg's high school ring that he proposed with due to delays with the engagement ring and which I planned to have attached to my bouquet has a blue stone, so another something blue. To fully complete the rhythm while I was in England a few years ago visiting a friend I happened to remember that the rhythm actually ends with "and a six pence in her shoe" so I made a point to bring back two six pences, one for me and one for my sister.

    1. Love it all, especially the vintage dress! Congrats, Nicole!!



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