Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rite Resources: Underneath Your Clothes, Part 2

Did you catch my post on lingerie a while back?  There's a wealth of pretty things out there, but I also get that sometimes practicality takes priority; namely, under your wedding dress.  My dress was a strapless ballgown with a separate, poofy crinoline that went underneath; picking out undies that blended in wasn't too difficult, but every gown is a little different, obviously, and comes with different needs.  Here's what, in my opinion, makes for an easy time of dress shopping and, eventually, getting dressed on your big day:
  • Convertible bra: I'm pretty sure you can buy ones now that are configurable in like 500 different ways; no joke.  Kind of intimidating, but a good thing, I think, when it comes to adjusting your straps in a way that exactly fits the neckline and back of your dress with no peeking.  If you're not sure yet whether you'll wear a strapless dress or one with straps, a convertible bra seems like a more versatile option, since you can always just take the straps off if you need to.
  • By the way, if you do go strapless, the best bra advice I ever got: I used to make sure my strapless bras were super snug and were always hooked on the smallest closure, until I read (before my wedding, thankfully) that the reason girls find strapless bras so darn uncomfortable is that most of us are wearing the wrong size.  The article I read suggested buying strapless bras in the same size as you'd normally wear, set on a comfortable, not overly tight, closure--evidently, that was the secret to not having your bra ride up and down or leave marks.  Lo and behold, it was true!  Once I bought one in my normal size, it felt exactly like I was wearing a regular bra with straps, nice and supportive and natural.  The one I wore on my wedding day didn't budge once, even through a night of dancing, and wasn't uncomfy in the least.
  • Alternatively: My friend Beth had a bra sewn into the front of her wedding gown and said she really enjoyed the peace of mind of not having to think about it at all during the day.  Easy!
  • Nude undies: If, like me, your dress has a thicker additional layer that goes underneath the lining, the color of your underwear probably doesn't matter much (mine were my something blue!).  But if not, a seamless pair in lace or microfiber that matches your skin disappears under light-colored clothes, which is particularly great when you're dress shopping and trying on different fabrics and skirt styles .  As an avid wearer of white shorts and jeans, I'd just recommend avoiding white undies; they show through everything!
  • An additional piece of unsolicited advice: While I have to give the disclaimer that I've never actually worn them, I've always had a strong suspicion that Spanx are manufactured in the ninth circle of hell.  Feel free to debate me (seriously), but my thinking is that if something I want to wear requires suctioning down my flesh, I must not actually want to wear it that badly.  If you're fuller figured or are concerned with lumps and bumps in general with the dress you've chosen, a professional lingerie fitting at a department store can help you find correct sizes for everything, which friends tell me makes a huge difference in how your clothes look, or wear a slip, both of which can eliminate the need for shapewear.
So, have you been there?  Share your best advice for keeping your undies under wraps, and be sure to check out Mary's blog, which is chock full of advice on personal style and figure flattery!

Lastly, though they have nothing at all to do with the other unmentionables, I'd love to hear your take on garters.  I didn't wear one because we weren't planning to include a garter toss at our reception, but in hindsight, I kind of wish I had worn one anyway, just for tradition's sake and to keep for my own memories.  

P.S. Happy belated feast of St. Therese!  You can read last year's reflection on her intercession in my relationship, one of my all-time favorite posts, here.


  1. I found a matching strapless and undies set in ivory, which worked well. The only thing was that the bra had too much padding so that made it a little uncomfortable. I didn't notice it until the end of the day though. I agree with making sure the strapless is the right size. I realized right before the wedding that I had been wearing the wrong size bras for a couple years--so getting measured might be a good idea, even if you're pretty sure on sizing! We did a garter toss and I just found a basic one at Wal-Mart for it. It was my something blue. I did get one as a part of a fun nightie set so I got to keep that.

    1. Awesome...congratulations, by the way, Mary! I hope your day was wonderful and your new marriage has been filled with grace =)

  2. Stop me if this is TMI but ... I went bra-less on my wedding day. My mom had adjusted the strapless dress so well that it gave me all the support and coverage that I needed. As proof of this, I have shots of me dancing like a maniac at the reception, doing dips and twirls with abandon with no need to hitch the dress up at all! Winning! :)

    Kind of related but not ... it's important to make sure that your husband has the tools necessary to get you out of your wedding dress post reception. Sometimes the dresses with all the buttons are best disassembled with a crochet hook. Not exactly the most exciting foreplay, but still very important!

    1. Definitely not TMI in my book; it's so good to know it can be done! And I agree entirely on making sure you can get out of your dress easily!



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