Friday, October 4, 2013

My Spirit Rejoices: Alabaster

{sweet sounds for your Mass and reception}

Have you ever seen a new bride and groom wash each other's feet during their wedding ceremony or reception?  Personally, I'm not for symbolic rituals like foot-washing or unity candles since, to me, there's no reason for a symbol when a Catholic Mass has a sacramental reality instead, but even so, the beauty of the idea is undeniable.

Alabaster by Rend Collective Experiment expresses this sense of loving service so beautifully.  "My lips," they sing, "so lost for words, will kiss your feet."  It's a song about brokenness made whole, which might not seem like the most wedding-y sentiment off the bat, but I think being healed and brought to a deeper love, by Love Himself, is as romantic as it gets.  It would make a wonderful Mass prelude or communion meditation!  Listen to the song here.

What do you think?  Any opinions on additions to the liturgy?


  1. So, I am not even close to thinking about a wedding or even engagement, but I have been thinking lately that I would like my groom and I to wash the feet of our bridal party (including parents) after the rehearsal and then the day of have them process down the aisle to this lovely rendition of the Mandatum Novum that my college parish did for the Triduum. I look at it as the people in the bridal party are the first "loves" of the bride and groom, setting the example for the way they should have for one another (affection, friendship, charity). Is that weird? A Holy Thursday song *before* a nuptial Mass?

    1. Beautiful; not weird at all! I love that idea!



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