Friday, August 2, 2013

Love Notes: A Summer Sounds Playlist

{small ways to show great love}

Happy August!  Have you ever seen the Perseid Meteor Shower?  Every year I swear I'll park myself outside and wait for the stars to fall, but something always seems to thwart my best of intentions--rainshowers, sleepiness, you know.  This time I'm determined.

Aside from staring up at the sky, here's what else is topping my summer date bucket list...

  • Growing herbs in my window
  • Making s'mores.  Gas grills don't count.
  • Nighttime rosary walks, a favorite of Andrew's and mine
  • Seeing some sort of performance outside.  Our new neighborhood is close to a town square that has free live music every weekend, and we also don't live far from  an outdoor theatre that's performs musicals in the summer!
  • Berry picking!  We went to the best farm with my sister a few months ago that offers new pick-your-own produce every week.  We set out to make a pie, but by the time we'd had our fill of the fresh ones (and there were over 10 pounds!) and shared them, there weren't enough left!
  • Nightswimming, hopefully in the ocean when we join Andrew's family on vacation in a few weeks.  If you're landlocked, pools do just fine, in my opinion.
And, above are some tunes to do it all by.  Your turn!  I'd love to know your favorite way to while away summer afternoons and evenings with your love.  I fully plan to make good on some of these ideas this weekend; have a good one!

If you missed them, here are my playlists and date ideas for seasons past:

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  1. Dearest LoveBuns, you have great taste in music.



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