Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Weekend + Links Lately Loved

Is it just me, or have things taken a turn for the all about me lately?  Don't get me wrong; it brings me so much joy to share my life, and especially news about our sweet baby, with you, but let's turn back to weddings, at least for today, shall we?  Here, a few planning and spiritual resources worth sharing:

"I'm not entirely sure that what people want, at the deepest level, is sex.  I think what our sex-crazed culture really wants is what sex promises: the feeling of being desired."  A beautiful reflection on desire and what it's really meant for.

A sweetly vulnerable, new-to-me love song

Inspired by whimsically festive fringe balloons like this one for reception photos.  DIY here.

Some of the most authentic wedding advice I've ever heard, from a recent bride to the newly engaged.  My fave?  "Ignore everything I say--" it's your day, not hers, we're talking about here, and Victoria gets that.

Chime in!  Any fantastic resources or pretty things you've stumbled on lately?  Share away.

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