Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just in time for Oscar Night...

...award mania seems to have struck the blogosphere, too!  Mary was sweet enough to tag me for a Liebster Award, a thing unbeknownst to me before this week.  According to Kinsi, "Liebster" means "dear" or "beloved."  It goes a little something like this:

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The personality-quiz-and-chain-email-loving twelve-year-old in me is thrilled.

Eleven Facts:

{1} My favorite prayer, and my husband's, is the Memorare.  Our wedding rings have a line from the prayer, before thee we kneel, engraved inside.  {2} All day long, for the last decade or so, I have had a particular variety of constant hiccup christened by my friends "The Meeps."  Meep is the sound they make.  {3} Since I was really young, I've dreamt of a job where I get to name the colors for crayons and nail polish.  If that exists, someone please tell me.  {4} I eat eggs and vegetables almost every morning for breakfast, but never in omlette form.  I saute the veggies and fry the eggs separately, but then I eat them together.  {5} I knew I'd marry my husband even before I became good friends with them.  In a Holy Spirit kind of way, I like to think, not a creepy way.  {6} I had a childhood obsession with Michael Bolton.  I know.  {7} Until I was 23, I didn't know how to ride a bike.  After many years of friends promising to teach me, Andrew finally succeeded, and now bike rides are one of our favorite weekend pastimes!  {8} I have a recurring dream where I suddenly feel all of my teeth falling out.  I usually wake up desperately feeling around to make sure they're all still there!  {9} When I was in 4th grade, two of my classmates and I had a project go into space on the shuttle Atlantis.  We wanted to see if baking bread from yeast that had been in space would be different than bread made from earth yeast.  And up the yeast went.  {10} I dream of participating in a flash mob.  {11} I would like to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence.

Mary's questions for me:

What is your least favorite book?  About a year ago, I read a book I just hated called Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy, but even when I don't like a book, I almost always finish it--I keep thinking it'll get better!

What is your perfect day?  Sleeping in just a little, bacon and eggs, the farmer's market, a long bike ride, reading and napping on a blanket in the sunshine, and settling in for a movie, all with my sweet husband by my side.

Who is your greatest inspiration?  Both of my grandmas love so abundantly.

What is your favorite song?  
Can this be a multi-way tie?  My favorite song ever is "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.  Right now, though, I can't stop listening to  "Poison and Wine" by The Civil Wars and "Live and Die" by The Avett Brothers.

What is your go to dinner? Mexican!  When I make fajitas for just my husband and I, they feed us for at least half the week, but I also love sharing them with guests!  We make spicy, shredded pork or chicken in the Crock Pot, brown rice, black beans, and sauteed onions and peppers and eat it all with lots of avocado and corn tortillas.

Can you name a current event that has changed the way you think?  All the talk of the government budget and spending lately has helped me see that political party lines aren't as clear cut as I thought they were when I was younger.  Because of its general pro-life tendencies, I used to blindly align myself with the Republican party without really thinking critically about its other principles.  I still lean a little more towards their views, but in recent months, I've thought about how being pro-life is certainly about protecting the unborn, yet it's also about seeing every human person, born or unborn, with dignity.  It's made me consider that the way one views wealth and success can either honor or use another person, and that there's such a need for government that is compassionate without being enabling.

Name the funniest movie ever, of all time.  It's so inappropriate, but I practically pee during This Is Spinal Tap.

Coffee or tea?  Green tea, please.

What is most misunderstood about you?  I love keeping busy socially and chatting with new people, but I am  huge introvert at heart.  There are times when I feel guilty refusing invitations and have a hard time explaining why I just need an evening or two to spend time by myself.

Which city in America do you like best?  Annapolis, Maryland.  Blue crabs, boat shoes, and bayside beauty.

What do you appreciate most about your life?  He's appeared in so many of these answers already, but I feel so wonderfully blessed that God has given my husband to me.  There is no one else who understands and affirms me so well, cracks me up, and doesn't mind my countless quirks and weird habits.

The Nominees (in no particular order):

{1} Stephanie  {2} Stacy  {3} Deme  {4} Mandi  {5} Catherine  {6} Erika  {7} Caitlin  {8} Emily  {9}  Jenny

My questions for them:

1. I collect...
2. Tell me your favorite Disney movie.
3. What's the last book you read?  Did you like it?
4. In case we ever meet in real life and you come over to my house, how do you take your coffee?
5. Everyone has a few...what trend do you totally regret following?
6. Your flower of choice?
7. Name something you've always wanted to learn.
8. Are you more head or more heart?
9. How's Lent going for you so far?
10. What social or political issue are you most passionate about?
11. What saint has had your back the most?

Can't wait to read your answers, ladies!


  1. #8--teeth dream--Me too! All the time when I was younger.

  2. Thanks for nominating me!!! I've got my entry up with all my facts and nominees now. :)

  3. Okay, as far as I've always been told, teeth falling out in a dream means that you're thinking about your insecurities, or that you're afraid people won't see the best in you... something to that effect. But don't worry- we all like you a lot ;-)

    Your perfect day does sound pretty perfect!



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