Friday, December 21, 2012

Love Notes: Christmastime Is (Almost) Here- A Holiday Playlist

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My best friend Teresa celebrates Advent and Christmas, I think, in the truest spirit of waiting.  She refuses to listen to any music that's expressly Christmassy until December 24th and 25th, savors the moment of putting Baby Jesus in the Nativity set, and just celebrates everything so fully.

I wish I had her patience.  As soon as December hits, I can't help myself with the Christmas music!  The way I see it, though I'm trying to be better about seeking out silence, my sense of joy gets a chance to build all through Advent, with the help of music, and then is able to be expressed most fully at Christmas.  I do try to focus less on the "Jesus Is Born" type songs before Christmas Day, if I can help it.  Instead, I really enjoy songs that are more Marian, like "Ave Maria," more secular tunes (with the exception of the ever-creepy "Santa Baby"), and of course, "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" for right now.  I'd love to hear about your Advent preferences and your reasons behind them!

Meantime, whether you're all about the Christmas music right now, or are waiting a few more days until Christ is born, enjoy this little collection of my favorite winter and Christmas songs!

Caitlin  inspired me with the perfect activity to listen to this playlist by--driving around, in your PJs, enjoying all of the Christmas lights in your area!

Did your favorite make the list?  Tell me the Christmas songs you look forward to all year!

I won't be writing posts next week, but check back for graphics and reflections, and feel free to Pin them!



    ^ Josh Groban "O Holy Night" is my all-time favorite!

  2. Commented with this on the December 12th post but I wanted to make sure you saw it :)

    1. So good. Thanks so much, Bernadette! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Christmas =)



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