Monday, November 19, 2012

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I can still feel the floor under my little carpet square.  Seven years ago, I went on my first Steubenville-style retreat, Mount 2000.  There, I experienced the lack of sleep, shortage of showers, and crowdedness of floor space otherwise known as the youth conference for the first time.  The featured speaker, Matt Smith, a Catholic who'd been on MTV's The Real World, came to discuss being in-but-not-of the world and the various worldly situations he faced while on the show.  To my surprise, he spoke at length about how much he welcomed these situations as opportunities to witness to faith and virtue.  In fact, he said, he soon began praying to feel uncomfortable, the better to form himself more into who he was meant to be.  How ridiculous, thought my exhausted, unshowered self, who had been semi-permanently contorted, Indian style, all day.  Click here for the full article!

Happy Monday!

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