Monday, September 17, 2012

Rite Resources: Shabby Apple

 If I had to guess, I'd venture that after saying yes to your dress, finding the exactly right outfit for your bridesmaids is pretty high on your priority list.  It can be a tall order: festive, affordable, modest, in the right color and vibe...this is serious business.  I remember feeling over and underwhelmed all at once--there are so many choices out there, but nothing jumped out at me for a while.  I had a clear picture of what I wanted, but it was that matter of finding something real to match what was in my head, you know?  Eventually,  I found the perfect summer sundresses, in the navy and white seersucker of my dreams, thanks to an adorable Etsy shop.

So anyway, allow me to humbly introduce to you a fantastic source for sweet, classy dresses that suit so many wedding styles.  Shabby Apple (there's a link on the sidebar, too!) understands that women are beautiful because of who they are, not because of how skinny they are or how much of their bodies they reveal.  I love their take on fashion: according to their site, they're after "a return to what dresses were always meant to be," as in, dresses with no need for added straps, length, or cardigans for modesty's sake.  Shabby Apple wants to meet "a need to make women feel feminine and beautiful for what they wear, not what they bare."  Seriously, does it get any better?  Their dresses are priced slightly less than most dresses you'll find from bridal vendors, and I think the huge array of choices makes it easy to suit almost any wedding style.  Elegant, vintage,'s all here!  The only hard part is making a decision.  I'm so excited to wear one of their dresses (which, sadly, I discovered is no longer available), a cap-sleeved little black dress with a full skirt and layers of delicate lace, for my best friend Beth's wedding next month!  Here are a few of my faves!

Love, love, love the mix of blues and the curvy shapes--this dress looks incredibly flattering and classy, doesn't it?

Vintage-style scallops and a perfect Fall color?  Yes, please!

Navy blue and pleats...a dress after my own heart.

Aren't these flower appliques so, so pretty? 
Such a classy, retro look.  I want to jet off to a resort and dip my toes in the pool while wearing this dress and drinking something that comes with an umbrella.
This is a skirt, not a dress, but I think it'd such a festive, lighthearted  match for a dark, fitted top.  And what girl doesn't like separates she can wear again?
This one is my very favorite!  Swooning over the fresh orange shade, the paisley, and the ballgown silhouette.
Visit Shabby Apple and tell me what dress you like best!  Have you found the perfect bridesmaids' dresses yet?

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