Friday, September 14, 2012

D I Y: You're Such a Card-- A Make Your Own Placecards Tutorial

Aside from photos and favors, one of my favorite wedding souveniers is the escort card you get with your name and table on it.  I have a little collection now, and I love remembering each celebration, almost as much as I love the fact that half of them have my maiden name and the other half have my married name!
You can order escort cards pretty easily from your stationer (you know, the people who do your invitations and other paper materials), or buy plain cards from party stores, but for a custom touch and, if you want, a pop of color, why not make your own?  Microsoft Word makes it super easy:

I made a guide for myself by drawing a rectangle with a light gray dashed outline.  It'll act as a dotted line when you're cutting out your cards.

Draw a shape in the bottom half of the dotted rectangle and center it.  You can go classic with black and white, but as long as your DIY-ing these guys, I vote for using your wedding colors!

Group the rectangle guide and the shape you just drew into a single unit (click on one, then hold down the Shift key and click the other, then right click and select "group").  Then, copy the new grouped shape and paste it in two columns until it fills the page.  The size of mine made 8 cards per page, leaving plenty of room to cut them out without wasting too much space.

Draw a text box near the bottom of the border (don't worry, you can move it exactly where you want later).  In the formatting menu, choose "No Fill" and "No Outline," which lets you position your text without obscuring the border.  Type in whatever you want!  Your names, the table number, or, to add some charm, whimsical wedding-themed words.  Mine say woohoo, yippee, Amen, xoxo, glory, cheers, rejoice, and twirl.

Easy, right?  Now, just print out your escort cards on cardstock, cut them out along the dotted lines, and fold them in half.  If only determining the actual seating assignments were this simple.

I've seen tons of adorable escort card ideas on Pinterest and wedding blogs, from clothespins to bookmarks to pinwheels to classic fold-over cards like these.  I'd love to know--how are you doing yours?

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