Monday, August 27, 2012

More Catholic Wedding Blogs!

Can I tell you something?  I am a total unoriginal.

As a college freshman, I stumbled across the most beautifully written blog by a young woman who'd been asked to chronicle her engagement on behalf of the USCCB's For Your Marriage initiative (if you've never visited this awesome collection of wedding Mass info and practical articles, go do it now!).  I soon found out she went to the very same school as me.  In fact, her fiance had been one of my group leaders during freshman orientation!

Her name is Sarah.  She's a natural storyteller, and I was captivated right away by her love story.  She met her husband, Daniel, when they were freshmen themselves, and I loved reading about their first meetings, conversions, and, of course, their proposal story and wedding plans.  I am so, so sure, that you will, too!  There's so much to gain from her insights about things like setting up your future home and learning to argue well, but even more than that, you'll be inspired by Sarah and Daniel's romance; one that's so centered on divine love.  You can visit her blog here.  If you're like me, you'll want to read it start to finish!

I was so happy when, as a newly engaged girl myself (almost four years later), I saw that For Your Marriage was sharing another young woman's story.  Incidentally, she's named Sara, too (no H this time)!  Her husband Justin chimes in on some of her entries, and it's such a pleasure to hear about moving to a new state, choosing an extra-special wedding dress (I can't wait for you to read that post!), and preparing for an incredibly holy nuptial Mass with many of their priest friends in attendance (celebrance?).  If you check in this week, you'll see that Sara and Justin have just welcomed a sweet baby boy!

I hope For Your Marriage continues this amazingly truthful series of glimpses into real couples preparing for a lifetime together and pushing each other to holiness.  Sometimes it seems like there are so few resources out there, you know?  I wanted to share my life with you in this blog, and also add in the practical aspects of style, music, and reading material when it comes to planning your wedding.  Honestly, it feels as much fun as shopping sometimes--I love looking around for sweet, affordable resources, putting inspiration boards together, and identifying what I think are perfect Mass and reception songs.  One thing that's unique to both Sarah and Sara's blogs, though, is the intense focus on their thoughts leading up to their marriages.  Honestly, I'm a little jealous that they've chronicled a journal of so many special moments--falling in love, getting through the hard stuff, and walking up the aisle--that they can look back on forever.  It's such a sparkling, purifying time.  Are you inspired?  I happily invite you to pore over these ladies' words, and tell me what you think!  There's such beauty and such wisdom to be gained.

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