Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Spirit Rejoices: Set Me As A Seal

{sweet sounds for your Mass and reception}

At the risk of appearing lazy, I would just like to say that while this feature usually highlights two songs at a time, one for your Mass and one for your reception, I purposely chose just one this time.  Sometimes I think I am lazy, actually.  But not at this particular moment.

Anyway, what Catholic girl hasn't dreamed of Matt Maher's Set Me As A Seal as her wedding song?  This completely stunning duet borrows verses from the Song of Songs, using the passionate, awestruck feelings between two lovers to reflect on the Father's love for us.  That kind of love, the kind that reminds us we are His bride, is the purest, strongest, most faithful kind.

Pure, strong, faithful...sounds a lot like marriage, right?  As much as we can only imitate His divine love, at least.  Even though lovers today might not say things to each other like "your teeth are like a flock of ewes to be shorn," this song definitely highlights the beautiful poetry of this Scripture (4:2).  How can you not swoon a little hearing lines like "you have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride?"

The reason I chose just this song this week is because I think it'd be equally at home as a hymn during Mass or as a first dance.  If you've chosen the Song of Songs for your first reading, or even if you haven't, imagine the beauty of hearing its words echoed in song during the Preparation of the Altar.  Incidentally, that would be right after you say your vows!  Or, imagine what a quietly profound song this would be to dance to.  Yes, it's about longing, intimacy, and even deep desire, but it's so much more than something sexual that could make your grandma blush- it's nothing less than the love of Christ that you've just promised to give to your husband all the days of your life.

I'm thinking there's a good chance you already know this song, but if you don't or if you need a moment to just revel in love's general loveliness, listen to the song here:

What do you think?  How would you make this song part of your day?

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