Friday, May 18, 2012

Love Notes: Take This Ring...

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 When I stumbled across these incredibly sweet wedding bands that hide something special--your spouse's fingerprint--I got to thinking about the endless, sometimes overwhelming choices of what to inscribe in your rings.  There's always the tradition of engraving them with each other's names or initials, along with your wedding day, but there are also dozens of other options to remind you of the beautifully holy, joyful struggle you're about to enter into.  Try these ideas on for size (ahem):

Is there a Scripture phrase you love, maybe one that will be a part of your wedding Mass?  The Bible contains some of the most breathtaking words ever written, and sentiments like these, which are all taken from the USCCB's list of wedding readings, are constant reminders of your sacrament:

  •  "Male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27) might have a special resonance for you if you're a Theology of the Body fan.  It's a simple, profound statement of who we are and the kind of pure, divinely inspired love we're meant for.
  • Ephesians 5 paints such a clear image of what it is to be a bride and bridegroom (you know, it's the always-misunderstood "wives be subordinate" one).  Wouldn't it be amazing for your ring to read, "as to the Lord," as a reminder of exactly how to be subordinate to your husband, and for his to say "as Christ loved the Church," as a reminder of how he's to lay down his life (Ephesians 5:22 and 5:25)?
  •  "Do whatever He tells you," Mary's words at Cana (John 2:5), not only recall that Jesus' first miracle took place at a wedding; they wonderfully state that she always guides us, by grace, towards His will.  Our Lady.  What a boss.  In the best way.
A line from a prayer with special significance for the two of you will make you smile and give thanks almost every time you fidget with your rings or take them off to do the dishes or something.  Over a lifetime, that's a lot of prayers of thanksgiving, and who couldn't use more of those in her life?  Andrew's and my rings say "Before thee we kneel," from the Memorare.  Way before we started dating, he told me it was his favorite prayer, identifying the feeling of safety and comfort only a mother can provide, and it became a prayer we often said together before saying goodbye and at the end of the Rosary.  It was among the last words he said before asking me to marry him!  I think you can see why we chose to wear them.

Lastly, so many couples have beautiful stories about the saints' intercession in their relationships.  I love the idea of engraving your wedding bands with "Ora pro nobis" or "Pray for us," so that your fingers sport a constant little reminder to invoke the prayers of whomever it is you two have a devotion to.

Okay, ladies.  Your turn!  Wedding ring inscriptions can be such an intimate thing, but I'm going for shameless curiosity here.  What's written in yours?  If you haven't purchased or engraved them yet, what do you want them to say?

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