Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lectio: For Love of You and Make You Feel My Love

{sweet sounds for your Mass and reception}

You know how Augustine says "our hearts are restless until they rest in You?"  Sometimes you're just overcome.  There's such a hunger in us for love, which takes the forms of fiances, friends and family, and the Blessed Sacrament itself.  If God Himself is pure love, it makes sense that all of our longings lead back to him.  I call it the Ache- it's that deep, deep desire for intimacy, for being really seen by someone else, and for something more than this life.

Anyway, I've been on a kick lately for music that's got the Ache- songs about searching and hoping that aren't too polished or perfect, but are unafraid to show a few scars.  You know, a voice crack here; a wobbly note there.  So much honesty.  That said, here are my offerings to you today...

Seriously, is it possible to dislike Audrey Assad?  With her clear, pretty sound and honest, prayerful lyrics, I really don't think it is.  Quite a few of her songs are on the faster-paced side, compared to most songs of worship, but I'm imagining a slowed-down, quiet version of her song For Love of You for a prelude or for a meditation after communion.  With lines like

You are my deepest longing
so I see you everywhere
It's you I'm chasing after
'cause I'm captivated by who You are
and how You move
I'll follow you forever,

how can you not stop for a second and contemplate how the Father's love is magnified in such a human way through your husband?  Listen to Audrey here:

Another question: is it also possible to dislike Adele?  Her voice has that raw edge that kills me.  On her first album, from before we all knew her (me included), she covered a beautiful Bob Dylan song, Make You Feel My Love.  It's all about the feeling of loving someone so much that you want, so so badly, for them to know that love.  It's the sense that nothing you do could ever possibly express the depth of your emotions and your willingness to put the other person first.  You know?  Not all of this is about the sentimental, glamorous side of love (sample lyric: "The storms are raging on the rolling sea / and on the highway of regret"), but I think it's that exact realness that makes this song so romantic.  Oh man.  A willingness to suffer, to empty yourself, to face the ugly things, and to lay down your life?  Sounds like the Cross to me.  Sounds like the most beautiful act of love.

Have a listen here:

No words.  None.  Am I the only one who's ever felt what these songs express?!


  1. Right on! Liking this kind of music myself lately...good to be reminded that "the Ache" is not a sign that I'm doing something wrong in everyday life, but simply that, per C.S. Lewis, "I was made for another world."

    1. Amen! I've never heard that quote, but it's great!



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