Friday, March 23, 2012

Inspired: Something Blue

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If you've got a clear idea of your wedding colors, maybe you've been long decided on the bridal blue you'll be adding to your ensemble on the big day.  Accessories like a sash for your dress and bright earrings or bracelets are easy, obvious ways to throw in some color.  A cozy scarf is a nice addition to your pictures if there's a chill, and I love the idea of swapping your veil for a blue-brimmed fedora at your reception.  But what if you want something a little more subtle?  There's always the blue undies route, I guess, but a fresh pedi is also the perfect spot for a little navy, aqua, or periwinkle action.  Alternatively, there are so many sweet ways to add a little sentiment to your gown or shoes- check out the date sewn into your hem or having your bridesmaids write a little note on your soles.  Best of all, there's definitely a special something (literally) about Blessed Mother blue!  It's Our Lady's color, of course, and there are so many options for religious jewelry.  My friend Kristin wore the prettiest blue Miraculous Medal on her wedding day- snag one for yourself and wear it around your neck or tied to your bouquet.  A blue rosary makes a delicate addition to your flowers, too.  Find your inspiration here (click to enlarge):

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1 &2. Essie polish in Turquoise and Caicos and Lapis of Luxury  3.  Pinterest  4. Style 811 Sash, Aria Dress  5. Pinterest  6. Two-tone drops, Anthropologie, $32  7. Candy Cane Bangle, Swell Caroline, $25  8. Miraculous Medal, Sisters of Carmel, $43  9. Style 815 Sash, Aria Dress  10.  Staw Fedora, Target, $13  11. Border Crochet Scarf, Old Navy, $17  12. Pinterest

How are you wearing your somethings old, new, borrowed, and, of course, blue?

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