Friday, January 29, 2016

Brides Who've Been There: 8 Tried-and-Tested Beauty Tips

I'm taking a blogging break to soak up our sweet Lily Grace (and, let's be honest, to keep my head above water through this beautiful newborn chaos), so I asked some of my married friends to contribute in my absence.  Over the next few weeks, they'll be taking over to chat about wedding planning, bridal beauty and style, and sharing stories about their newlywed days.  

I asked them to share their best bridal beauty advice.  Here's what they recommend for letting your outer radiance reflect the inner throughout a day of crying, photos, and dancing.  Tl; dr: waterproof mascara!

Airbrushed makeup!  I'm not a beauty or accessory girl, but I will say the airbrushing was awesome!  It felt super light, lasted forever, and just looked so much more natural overall.  If at no other time in your life you spring for something extra, that's what I'd recommend.  - Lauren

I had my makeup professionally done, and then didn't worry about it again.  - Leslie

I wore waterproof mascara on my wedding day, but I didn't cry, so it wasn't really necessary.  It was just a huge pain to try and take off on my wedding night!  -Sylvia

If you hire someone to do your makeup, always do a trial run and take a picture of it.  It gives you a relaxed couple of hours with your makeup artist to hash out the details, and you can see how the makeup will feel for the rest of the day.  A great day to schedule this is the day of your bridal shower--just sayin'!  And side note; fake eyelashes can be super comfy!  I was afraid of them, but when expertly applied they add just enough drama.  - Andi

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Andi rockin' the false eyelashes
Put deodorant between your legs to help prevent chafing.  You'll thank me later when you're sweaty and dancing up a storm at the end of the night.  - Emily  (NB from Stephanie: If this weird but genius tip didn't give it away, Emily's a serious runner!)

Definitely waterproof mascara--I'm a big crier, but I didn't anticipate how many times I'd find myself in tear again and again throughout the day: walking down the aisle, seeing David for the first time, exchanging vows, listening to toasts, and all the rest!  The cheap kind at the drugstore works just fine, if you're not picky (I'm pretty sure I used the $3.99 Maybelline Great Lash).  Also, comfy shoes aren't a beauty product, but they are so important for the reception, at the very least!  I bought a neutral gray pair of TOMS to change into and it was the best decision, especially because I could easily wear them afterwards.  I still wear 'em today, two and a half years later!  - Hannah

Target's ELF line--very inexpensive and it stood up to everything throughout the day!  I also love Rimmel's eyeliner; it's easy to apply and doesn't smudge.  Genius.  - Amanda

Waterproof mascara!  My favorite is L'Oreal Voluminous.  I've been using the non-waterproof version for over 10 years!  - Sheena

And you?  Tell me; what's your best recommendation for beauty products that can stand up to an entire wedding day's worth of events and emotions?  Also, past beauty posts, if you missed them:

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