Friday, December 4, 2015

The Ultimate Fiance Gift Guide: Guest Post from Elise!

Elise and I are natives of the same state and have discovered through our email friendship that we have a ton of friends and experiences in common.  Somehow, and despite our best efforts, we have yet to meet in person…here's to changing that in 2016.  Elise is a grad student who does freelance media and branding marketing, and just one glance at her blog, Anchored Hope, shows how legit she is.  I have such admiration for Elise's love of the good, true, and beautiful, her amazing wardrobe, her podcast, Caritas, and the fact that through her work and storytelling, she really acts as a missionary of beauty.  She and her fiancé, Hunter, are planning their wedding, and today she, with her excellent taste, is sharing her gift picks for your sweetheart!

Being engaged during the holiday season is so much fun!As a couple, you are slowly building your lives together,which means you might be spending the holidays with each other for the first time. It’s also a romantic time of year where you can drink hot cocoa by the fire, steal a kiss under some mistletoe and maybe even skip around the city viewing your favorite Christmas trees.

My love language is gift giving so I always have so much fun picking out a present for my own fiancé each Christmas. Looking to gift your man with something personal and fun? Here are some of my favorites that I’ve gifted Hunter in the past and some ideas for the future:

1. Experience gifts: My guy loves adventure and I’m sure he’s not the only man who does. Find a relatively inexpensive experience gift for your guy that you can both do together. It could be something as simple as ice skating or hiking and a picnic. You could even plan a day trip to a nearby town or city for a day of adventure. Groupon has great deals for this type of gift!

2. Icons: The Byzantine Catholics understand icons as windows into heaven.  What a beautiful reminder for your man to have on his desk or beside his bed. These or these icons are great options.

3. Quality Flannel: This shirt is awesome and so versatile. Your fiancé can wear it out, as comfy pjs, camping or for yard work. The possibilities are endless and he’ll get so much use out of it!

4. Grooming Supplies: Even guys like a little pampering now and then. I gifted my fiancé with a straight razor for his birthday this year and I’m pretty sure he’s in love with it. Even if your man doesn’t want to wade into straight razor territory, he’ll love a safety razor that he doesn’t have to throw away after a few uses. He can spiffy up his routine with a shaving brush and fancy shaving cream. It’s an investment, but one that is totally worth every penny in the long run.

5. Books: The gift of knowledge is always valued! Help your fiancé delve deeper into his faith with some of these amazing reads: onetwothreefourfive.

6. A Pocket Knife: I was nervous to suggest this one but my fiancé (and brothers) insisted! Apparently, it’s a necessity. This one is sturdy and affordable.

7. Rosaries: This website has a great selection of themed rosaries, from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Rosary to the St. Benedict Medal Rosary.

8. Guy’s Night Essentials: Equip your man with fun things for a night with the guys: Do It yourself Beef Jerk kitFish flaskDrinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy HourDiamond Whiskey GlassesGeometric Drink Rocks
 I hope you find something meaningful and exciting for your fiancé this Christmas!   

How about you?  Any surprises up your sleeve that you're especially excited to give this year?  

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