Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brides Who've Been There: 7 Gift Ideas for Your Love, Including a Jeep

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I'm taking a blogging break to soak up our sweet Lily Grace (and, let's be honest, to keep my head above water through this beautiful newborn chaos), so I asked some of my married friends to contribute in my absence. Over the next few weeks, they'll be taking over to chat about wedding planning, bridal beauty and style, and sharing stories about their newlywed days.

For today, I asked them to share the most original, funny, weird, or creative gift they've exchanged with their husbands:

Starting with the year we were dating, every year for his birthday I make him a storybook, stick figures and all. In it, I recount the major events in our lives and draw out little pictures to go with each. -Amanda

Amanda and her hubs, Anthony
I created an "ABC Birthday Book" for Alex's 27th birthday gift. It was a scrapbook with 26 activities for us to do together (one for each letter of the alphabet) during that year. While we did cross off some of the items on the list, we never went back to fill in the pages with pictures or comments, and we certainly didn't cross off everything in the book. It's really a cute little scrapbook, and maybe eventually we'll work on completing it. - Lauren

Besides our four children, the most original gift I've given my husband is a puppy! I worked behind his back to get approved by a local rescue group and finally told him that the next day we were going to a rescue event to try and find him a dog. The very first dog I picked up ended up being the one, and my hubby loves his little Riley. - Andi

The pup herself
My husband is very practical. I LOVE designer purses, and those things are costly! But my husband has surprised me in the past with gifts I never asked for that I end up loving, and needing (without me knowing!). He has given me a 3 TB external hard drive because he knows I am a picture and video hoarder, and a car charger adapter (because I use his!). He knows me very well. - Sarah

We're on a tight budget around here, so we don't spend a lot of money on gifts for each other. That means Anthony sometimes get fruit crisp or chocolate chip cookies for a gift and I get Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We wouldn't have it any other way, though. - Sheena

I follow the anniversary gifts list pretty well. You know, the first year is a paper gift, the second is wood...etc. Well, one of the years was iron. I had no clue what to get him. I finally thought of getting a golf club (driving iron) for him that had our college's mascot on it. He loved it. - Amy

Amy from Passionate Purpose, a beautiful marriage ministry!
There's that time we went for a drive in October and bought a bright green Jeep! We decided it was our shared Christmas/birthday/anniversary gift for the next year. We traded in a perfectly good family car for a fun vehicle that we'd both always wanted, so making it a gift to each other helped justify that. We still have the Jeep; when we outgrew it as a family vehicle, we parked it for a couple years and now it's my husband's commuter vehicle. - Bonnie

How about you? Tell me about the best gift you and your love have given or received!

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