Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent & Christmas Roundup: Presents, Presence, Music, and Lying in Wait

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Happy Advent!  Though we're still in this first week of anticipation for Christ's birth, I can't help wondering this year what life must have been like for Mary right after Jesus was born.  I mean, their family basically invented Christmas, so I don't expect she experienced the holiday FOMO I get touches of now and then as we navigate life with a newborn Lily, but the feeling of being united to Our Lady in motherhood, in all its good and exhaustion, has been on my heart a lot.

In the spirit of this sacred time, I present to you my collection of Advent and Christmas posts past with the hope that these pieces inspire your relationship traditions, gift-giving, and help settle the restlessness that engagement and marriage prep can bring:

A Christmas and winter playlist worthy of listening for Bebo Norman alone

DIY salt dough ornaments and other decorations from our inferiorly lit first apartment

5 ways to seek holy silence during this time when our salvation grew in the silence of Mary's womb


Andrew's Christmas cookie specialty, to which we add a 1/2 teaspoon of mint extract

Cozy inspiration for a Christmas card photo or cold-weather engagement sesh

Pope Benedict's beautiful-yet-challenging 2012 Christmas Eve homily, intended, I think, to make us uncomfortable for the better

I'll let you take it from here: I love hearing about other couples' family and religious Christmas traditions, about obscure new covers of old favorite hymns, and about what gifts are at the top of your wish list!  Share away!


  1. I didn't hop over to read but the "How chastity and waiting for marriage is kind of like waiting for Christmas" sounds to be exactly how I feel about finding out the gender of a baby or inducing before the body says it's time (can you tell I have baby on the brain?). It saddens me that people can't wait to let things follow their natural course, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised in the world of instant gratification where we live.

  2. I'm always like more the expecting of a holiday than the holiday itself. The next day after Christmas I ask DH to put the tree away)))



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