Friday, October 9, 2015

Crafting a Masterpiece: Personalized Art for Starting Your Life Together

Since we rent our apartment, and since we've been renting for our entire marriage across 3 dwellings in 4 years, I've been torn in the past between kind of neglecting semi-major things like nails in a rental while still deeply wanting to make our home, however temporary, truly feel like it belongs to us.

Which brings me to this, today's post.  The desire to furbish your living space, as a way of visually manifesting your life together, is a good one; one that's particularly exciting when you're engaged.

Sometimes it's hard to wade through the sea of calligraphied, chevron-printed "live, love laugh," heart-shaped map, or monogram on burlap.   Not that there's anything expressly wrong with those; it's just that in my experience, it's tough finding a more uncommon designs suited to my taste.  Anyway, personalized art makes a wonderful gift if you're a wedding guest, a great treat to yourselves if you're newlyweds, or just a nice timeless piece for your home if, like me, you're neither at the moment.  Here's a roundup of some Etsy favorites, any of which I'd love to hang on our walls and would consider worth the Spackling when we move out one day (Andrew, if you're reading this…).  Links are in the graphic caption:
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Which one's your favorite?  And please tell: have you given or received a personalized piece of wedding art? I love hearing your stories!

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  1. I think a wedding monogram is fine as long as there aren't several in every room of the house, if you get what I'm saying. ;) In fact, I'm in the process of ordering one of these for a couple getting married in a few weeks (



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