Tuesday, October 13, 2015

34 Week Bumpdate

Less attention for the second child, even in the womb, syndrome: it's totally real, you guys.  I suppose the difference in my life from two years ago, namely, that I spend my days playing Hot Wheels and feeding peanut butter spoons to a toddler instead of sitting at a desk with lots of downtime to read about my pregnancy, has made this round of gestation feel much faster than the last.  I've even had to count on a calendar a few times to figure out how far along I am!

Anyway, Aaron's photographically neglected little sis got some time in front of the camera this weekend, and that, along with my being full term (what) approaching so soon, made now feel like a good time to take stock of everything that's going on right now, plus catch up on the things I want to remember about this pregnancy in general.

Weight Gain: Man, you bumpdate inventors don't beat around the bush.  Around 20 pounds, I think.  My weight has been weird this time around.  I actually gained only about 2 pounds in the first four months, probably thanks to throwing up around the clock, and once my morning alllll day sickness subsided, I gained 6 pounds in a month, two months in a row, and have continued on that path of bigger gains at each of my appointments.  Steady on.

Maternity clothes:  Dislike.  But yes, I'm wearing them, at least in places where pants are socially required.  I was able to get away with a belly band, a ratty pair of gym shorts from college that were still comfy, and with pushing down the waists of stretchy bottoms until about a month ago, which I was grateful for since I have neither the space nor budget for a big maternity wardrobe, but it's on to full-fledged elastic and panels now.  So I cling to three pairs of jeans, wear one of these most days, and layer a regular (unbuttoned) button-up or cardigan over top, though I do have a few T-shirts that still fit over everything without getting ridiculously stretched.

Stretch marks? None until about two weeks ago, but my belly is starting to get the tigress look.  Last time I also had some on the bell, as well as my thighs and sides, but to my surprise, they faded pretty quickly after Aaron's birth and aren't really visible anymore.  I like to think these new ones wouldn't bother me if they become permanent, but I also remember how fragile my sense of beauty and worth was in that postpartum haze, so while I'm hoping these marks also go away, I'm also hoping I can be at peace with them should they decide to stick around.

Sleep: Mercifully, pretty good, and definitely better than I recall compared to last time (Two years ago I quite literally wrestled this horrible-to-me pillow to the ground in a 1 a.m. rage...).  About once a week I wake up and can't go back to sleep for about two hours at a time, which I spend peeing, tossing the blankets around, reading, and attempting to pray, but other than that I'm so thankful to sleep through most of the night, most of the time.  I'm trying to soak it up while it lasts!

Miss anything? I enjoy alcohol, but rarely have it, mostly due to my inner cheapskate.  So it's been such a surprise to find myself consistently craving a beer!  As far as dietary pregnancy rebels go, I think I fall about halfway left of moderate and have had things like sushi a few times without really worrying about it.  With the booze though, I have the sense that if I don't often have it while not pregnant, pregnancy maybe isn't the best time to start habitually (moderately!) drinking some, so I've mostly avoided it.  Oh, and basic flexibility…I'm starting to miss the ease of doing seemingly simple stuff like rolling over in bed without crushing my baby honeydew, painting my toenails without also painting my actual toes, and squatting to pick things up without my knees running into my belly!

Movement: I'm 34 weeks.  Let's keep this simple and just call it a resounding yes.

Food Cravings: Well, beer.  Beverage-wise, I've also been guzzling seltzer water with lemon juice as often as I can, thanks to the SodaStream my sister gifted us last Christmas.  Maybe it's a general carbonation craving.  And tart craving.   In keeping with the tart I've joined Aaron in his frozen berries with yogurt habit and almost always want strawberries or an apple first thing in the morning.

Anything making you sick? Not anymore, praise the Lord.

Gender: Still a lady baby, so far as we know.

Labor signs: Lots of Braxton-Hicks, but nothing terribly uncomfortable or frequent enough to make me think I'm in actual labor yet.

Symptoms: Some round ligament pain, which is also more manageable than I recall from my last pregnancy.  I've been taking calcium supplements this time, which evidently are helpful, and have also wondered if being more active this time has helped.

Belly button in or out? Super out.  It wasn't until I saw my reflection when I wore under-belly maternity pants, instead of over-belly ones or my belly band, that I realized how prominent it's gotten!

Rings on or off? On, and I'm hoping with the cooler weather, they'll stay that way.  Also, both my wedding and engagement rings have always been a tiny bit loose, not so much as to to come off or slide up and down my fingers, but enough that the stones sort of fall off-center to the side rather than staying snug in one spot, which has turned out to be handy (accidental hand pun…) for pregnancy.

Looking forward to: meeting this little girl face-to-face, of course, but I think even more so, I can't wait for hers and Aaron's first meeting!  Although I don't expect perfect behavior from Aaron as three become four, I've loved watching his sweetness of spirit be drawn out in this way of him becoming a big brother. He insists his sister read books with us by pulling up my shirt, runs over with toys to show her, and rocks his stuffed animals in the baby swing.  I know for sure I'm going to lose it the first time he sees her…

Baby girl was breech at my doctors' appointment 2 weeks ago, and to see if she'd flipped by the most recent one, my midwife did an ultrasound to check on her position.  I hadn't expected one at all, and the difference in her size and development compared to the one I had at 20 weeks, even at the slightly fuzzy level, was amazing when I saw her on the screen.  Even as she's felt more and more a part of our family over the past 8 months, something about seeing her sweet little face made her coming arrival feel even more real.

Speaking of transitions (of the figurative, not labor-related variety), any wisdom from veteran mamas on helping your first child adjust to your second? And helping you adjust to your second, for that matter?  I love hearing about your experiences!


  1. You look gorgeous!! I feel the same way this time around... How the heck am I 30 weeks? It flies by the second time for sure.

    1. Thank you, and yes, for true!! This really has felt like just a blink, and it's made me wonder if future pregnancies, God willing, will feel even faster the more kids I have…but the feeling of time passing has to plateau sometime, right? I hope?!

  2. You are so beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of your new little baby!!

  3. Looking so cute! Can't believe how close you are to meeting sweet little girl!

  4. Looking so cute! Can't believe how close you are to meeting sweet little girl!



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