Friday, July 3, 2015

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 33…Catching you up on the past YEAR!

{story of a soul, condensed}

Hi friends!  Welcome to my humble attempted blogsurrection.  There have been a few other projects, as well as my own laziness, that have kept me away from writing here, but I've been feeling called to blog again and am excited to start posting more frequently.  Linking up with Kelly, bombarding you with photos, and sharing with you what I've been up to…

{1} Aaron is just a few months away from turning 2 in October!  He has turned into the most curious, chatty, imaginative toddler.  Obviously, I'm biased, but I can't help feeling I have never seen a more adorably hilarious kid!  His current loves include trucks of any kind, drawing (which also involves Mommy drawing all those trucks), peanut butter toast, sitting on our laps to read book after book, and chasing after balls.  I catch him talking and singing to himself all the time…the other night after bath time, Andrew and I couldn't stop laughing as we watched him run around in a penguin bathrobe, singing this song, adapted into, "Boom, clap, sound in my heart.  Pizza na na na na na na."  It's amazing to see who he's becoming!

{2}  You might remember that for the past two and a half years, I've been working on a Catholic wedding planner with Pauline Books and Media.  I'm happy to say that after hours of rewriting and editing, my book is getting closer and closer to a final draft and is tentatively scheduled for a January release!  Now if only I could settle on a title…patron saint of naming, anyone?!

{3} We just got home from a beach vacation with Andrew's family, which…with a toddler in tow, didn't feel 100% like a vacation, but was great all the same.  We cooked together every night, stayed up playing board games, and watched the young folk swim and run around for hours straight, then collapse every night.  I've been discovering over the past few months that Aaron is not a natural water baby--poor thing screamed when we took him to the edge of the ocean for the first time, and he insisted on planting himself at the playground of our neighborhood pool.  Finally, by our second-to-last day, he borrowed his cousin's floatie and let us pull him around in the pool, and his running from the waves turned into a game, ending with him sprinting over and over back into the ocean!  Some tears ensued on my part…motherhood, ya'll.

From there we traveled straight on to my cousin's wedding 9 1/2 hours from the beach.  I'd been praying all week for a peaceful, if not necessarily easy, trip, and felt such a spiritual kick in the pants at God's faithfulness.   Aaron slept well in the car and was in a good mood by himself in the backseat for longer stretches than I expected, and to my deep happiness, even during stretches of traffic and 20-month-old crankiness, Andrew and I were given the grace to be patient with each other (literally, my prayer had been, "Please don't let us fight the whole trip!") and the endurance to take turns entertaining the little dude.

{4} Back in May, Andrew finished his last graduate classes ever.  He's continuing on in his English Ph.D program for about the next three years and will spend this year studying for comps while teaching at the school where he's studying, as well as teaching two classes at our alma mater!  It's been a longtime dream of his to go back there to teach one day, and I am so proud of my hubs!  Please pray for us this summer as Andrew attempts to work, prepare for the semester, and study for his exams!

{5} Thanks to carpooling and the train, we've been able to get by pretty easily with one car for the past four years, but Andrew's adjunct position means we'll finally have to become a two-car family in the fall.  We are looking to buy one used,!  The price of a used SUV or minivan alone came as a surprise to us, but the actual process of researching and purchasing one is just as crazy.  So, any advice?  I feel like we've gotten a handle on the basics of what and what not to look for, but other than that we are total newbies at this.  I'd love to hear any of your experiences!

{6} A minivan?  Well.  That's because I'm so excited to share with you that we are expecting our second sweet baby around Thanksgiving!  Tomorrow I am 20 weeks along, and it feels much faster than last time that I'm already halfway to meeting this little one.  It's been a pretty different pregnancy--much less fatigue, but way more morning sickness…and, um, afternoon and evening sickness.  But thanks be to God, the nauseous stage has fully passed and now I'm on to the perpetual hangry!  I'm wondering if the experience has been so different because...

{7} It's a GIRL!

If you're still reading, I'm looking forward to diving back into this community over the next few months and I thank you for clicking this open.  Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Congratulations! God bless you and your family!

  2. Congratulations Stephanie! . . . And I'm excited about your wedding planner!

  3. Hey!! I was so excited to see a post from you pop up in my feed! :)

    Congratulations on your growing family! And your cool planner! Such a great idea... I might even use it if I get married one day! ;)

  4. Welcome back! So happy to see you pop up on my blog feed again! :)

    And congratulations on baby #2!! Looks like we're pregnant at the same time yet again. We're having another boy this time around. So much excitement!

    1. Thanks so much! I am so excited for you and even though I've been silent most of the time, I've been following your boys' adventures and can't wait to hear about the arrival of your little one!

  5. Congrats, Stephanie!! And glad to read a post here again!

    1. Lisa! Thank you so much for your congrats! And for sticking with!

  6. Welcome back, and Congratulations too!



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