Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inspired: Wedding Day Nails


Way, way back in the early days of this blog, I wrote about wedding nail colors.  There were a lot of safe, practically unnoticeable pinks and nudes which, don't get me wrong, are pretty, but in the two years since then I've branched out into thinking a more statement-y mani can be a great bridal accessory.

Popping in a movie, pouring a cup of tea, and painting my nails is one of my favorite luxuries, though, with a 6-month old, there are way fewer opportunities--these days I ditch the movie and the tea,  file the digits during one of Aaron's naps, and then paint them like lightning during the next one while desperately praying he'll stay asleep long enough for them to dry most of the way (I'm not deluded enough to think he'd actually nap long enough for the whole enchilada, start to finish, in one sitting).  But anyway, I still stand by my opinion that doing your own nails is much more relaxing than going to a salon.  You can just hang out in your PJ's, you can buy a whole bottle of polish for less than the cost of one salon manicure, and you don't have to tip or breathe in all the chemicals.

So, can I suggest a bride-and-bridesmaids mani-pedi night after your rehearsal dinner?   Here, a selection of pretty picks, from blushing to bold:

Row 1, left to right, Essie: Clambake, Go Overboard, Van D'Go, Beyond Cozy, Bikini So Teeny.  Row 2, Julep: Rae, Chloe, Abigail, Adele, Octavia.  Row 3, Butter London: Jaffa, Saucy Jack, Yummy Mummy, Stardust, Fiver.  Row 4, OPI: Shorts Story, Black Cherry Chutney, Kyoto Pearl, When Monkeys Fly, I Don't GIve a Rotterdam.
Little-known fact: my childhood dream, no joke, was to name nail polish and paint colors when I grew up.  Any other home mani enthusiasts out there?  I love finding new colors and brands…what's your favorite?


  1. About a year ago I finally quit biting my nails (I know, I know!). I just decided I was done with it. I've tried and failed many many times before, but this was different. Anyway, sitting and painting my nails while watching a favorite TV show has become one of the most relaxing things I do. I'm still figuring out how to trim and file them without it looking like a child did it, the paint now mostly only gets on my actual nail and not my whole finger, but nail polish has become a whole new world for me! I can't get in and out of Target with a new bottle.
    My wedding nails were fake (b/c my real ones were awful) with a French manicure on my fingers and bright red on my toes (hey, the wedding was a few hours, the honeymoon was all week!).
    Thanks for this - you've introduced me to some new colors :).

  2. I dry my nails super quickly by spraying them with cooking spray (I usually have Greg do it, actually :) ) and then dipping them in a bowl of ice cold water - they usually are pretty much good to go after that! Maybe that will help you do them during naptime?

    1. I used to be a huge cooking spray-to-dry addict, until I did it over the bathtub for a pedicure one day and my sister had an unfortunate run-in with it! I think we've both moved far enough from the trauma now that I could give it another go, haha. Thanks!

  3. This is so fun, Stephanie. :) Love your picks!



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