Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspired: Maternity Bridesmaids Wear


As a girl who's officially 9 months pregnant as of today (!), I feel like I have a new appreciation for my wardrobe, as in, all the things that used to fit.  Dressing a baby bump has definitely taken some creativity with items I already own, which is fun if limiting, but for a few special occasions (baptisms, interviews, and parties) I did have to go hunting for new dresses.  For a while I was able to get away with bigger sizes of regular items, but at 36 weeks, there's pretty much no getting around the maternity wear right now.

My guess is that if you're having a Catholic wedding, there's a good chance at least one pregnant girl is involved.  Out of solidarity, I offer you today some of the cutest belly-friendly bridesmaids' dresses I've stumbled across:
Dresses, Left to Right: Ruche, David's Bridal, Ruche, Ruche, Topshop
What do you think?  If you've had expectant friends in your wedding or one that you've been in, I'd love for you to share any extra advice!


  1. My matron of honor was pregnant in our wedding. We chose an empire waisted, non maternity dress, but because the first fitting was very early in the pregnancy, we used the advice of the person helping us at the dress store. They see a lot of pregnant women and have good advice.... although nearly six years later, I don't remember any of it! :)

  2. I was the first of my friends to get married, so I didn't have to worry about maternity dresses! All my bridesmaids were truly "maids" (come to think of it, they all still are!).



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