Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspired: Minimalist Style


Make no mistake; I love bold colors and a nice, healthy dose of sparkle as much as the next girl (see herehere and here).  Lately, though I don't know--something about the heat and humidity of summer has me drawn to cleaner, simpler styles.  I think these minimalist finds are so modern and elegant looking and would be perfect for a late summer wedding!  Straight silhouettes, delicate jewelry, and a black and white palette add up to something so fresh, don't you think?  Links are in the captions.

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1. Dress, Ruche.  2 & 4. Love Knot Necklace and Studs, Ariel Gordon.  3. Anenome Bouquet.  5. Gown, Wedding Dress Bee.  6. Sandals, Shoemint.  7. Holding Hands Invitation, Printable Press.
What do you think?  Would you go minimal for your wedding day?  Have a wonderful weekend!

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