Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Favorites, Volume 3: The Perpetual Wedding Guest

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After college, there was about an 18-month period where I went to nine weddings, plus my own.  Nine.  I loved every minute, but there were definite challenges to traveling, figuring out a different outfit to wear around mostly the same people, and picking out a gift nearly every month.  Here are the five things that helped me enjoy the nuptials and not stress:

A basic dress.  I have a decent amount of fancier warm weather dresses, but for winter weddings, I bought a navy blue shift that I wore on three occasions.  Navy's my favorite neutral, and it was easy to change up the dress completely with different tights, shoes, and jewelry.  Similar here.

This hairspray.  I fully admit to a tendency to go too heavy on the ol' aerosol (I've resorted to holding my breath, dousing my head, and then running out of the room to protect my baby's innocent lungs), but this kind from Suave keeps everything nice and in place without any stiffness or too much crunch.  I was able to dance with abandon and worry about more important things than my hair.

Kraft paper as gift wrap.  Cheap, easy to customize and pretty up with nice ribbon, and durable enough that it didn't get torn or beat up on all of our wedding road trips.  I might not ever dress a present in anything else.

Novenas.  An extra little present that doesn't cost a penny, and one I was especially happy to give to a really close friend whose wedding we couldn't attend, is the gift of intercessory prayer.  About two weeks before their weddings, I'd ask my friends to name a saint they and their fiance had a particular devotion to and offer to pray a novena for them that would end on their wedding day.

Blank notecards.  Confession: I am horrible at writing cards in advance (I never think I'll find the perfect words, so I wait too long before the big day), and my inner cheapskate hates the elevated prices at Hallmark and even at the grocery store.  But, I adore pretty stationary and love sending snail mail.  I picked up a few packs of textured white cards with an eyelet cutout design from the dollar section at Michaels and kept them in the car and in my purse, and bam.  No more dashing into stores before bridal showers and in between wedding Masses and receptions; I had a ready supply of nice, any-occasion cards I was proud to give.  Similar here.

Help me out, ladies!  Have you gone through similar seasons of wedding madness?  What would you add to this list?


  1. I love the kraft paper and card ideas! I'm terrible at getting cards ahead of time, too!

  2. Oh weddings! I don't even want to count the number I've been to since I graduated, but I was able to escape a couple when my baby was born. ;) This is a great list!

    1. Haha, the thing is, I don't want to escape! I love 'em! Glad this was helpful =)

  3. Hi Stephanie! These are great ideas! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at) :-)



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