Monday, June 3, 2013

Rite Resources: Lovely

Aside, of course, from your wedding gown, does it seem to you (like it seemed to me) that weddings involve a plethora of other dresses, too?  Bridesmaids, your mom, parties and showers, your rehearsal's not a requirement, of course, to restock your wardrobe just because you're getting married, but if you are in the market for a few new fancies, might I make a suggestion?

Lovely is a bridal boutique with the prettiest offerings and, judging by their website, gorgeous styling.  Most of their selections look like they're well above any budget I had for my own wedding dress, but happily, Lovely's sister dress shop also has plenty of well, lovely choices for more casual wedding-related affairs, most of them under $100.  Peplums, sequins, and girls in white dresses?  Yes please!

Browsing through, I noticed that most of Lovely's dresses for the season share the same white, cream, and blush color palette.  I love the idea of mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses, and between the sweet, sort of vintage sensibility that runs through the collection, plus prices this nice, I think these dresses would be perfect contenders for a white wedding!

What do you think?  Any of these lovelies in particular that you have your eye on?  And what other resources have you found for dresses to wear to all your festivities?

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