Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Volume 23

{story of a soul, condensed}

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{1} Google keeps warning me about the imminent end of Google Reader...I prefer to use the Blogger reader and email subscriptions for keeping up with the blogs I read, but I know there are plenty of googlers out there.  That being said, do any of you know if Google Friend Connect (the "join this site" option in the left column" is here to stay?  Do any of you ever type a word like Google so many times that it doesn't even look like a real word anymore?  In any case, if you're in search of a new means to follow Captive the Heart, you can do it here on Bloglovin'.  But only if you want to.  Seriously.  Every comment and every visit mean so much to me--thank you!

{2} Speaking of following, Captive the Heart's Facebook page got a little makeover this week.  It's got plenty of videos, reflections, and quotes you won't find on the blog--you can Like the page here.  And thus end the shameless plugs.

{3}  Today is my last day of work.  My coworkers have been so good to me this week; we went out for a long lunch yesterday and they surprised me with an incredibly generous gift.  And, a work friend of mine who had twin boys last Fall basically supplied me with what amounts to our baby's entire first-year-of-life wardrobe!  So grateful.  Saying goodbye to all the parts of our life here as we prepare to move has definitely been bittersweet, and somehow, though things are ending quickly (my job, our lease...), hey don't feel quite real or particularly urgent yet.  Does that even make sense?!  Have you felt that way with transitions before?

{4} As I venture into temporary unemployment, please say a prayer for a wonderful job possibility that came my way just yesterday morning!  It involves a few more steps before things are finalized or completely discerned, but I'll share more soon, God willing it works out!  For now, I'm trying to just look forward to a little break from things as we settle into our new apartment next week, and am praying to use the time well and enjoy Andrew's summer break with him.

{5}  Real men never take themselvestoo seriously because they acknowledge their weaknesses and know their limitations. Marriage humbles men as their wives remind husbands of their faults all too often.


In awe and wonder man contemplates the miracle of woman's beauty and desires her love with a longing that pierces the soul. 

Both of these truths, one sort of funny and one profound, all in one essay.  I stumbled across this article, "The Privilege of Being a Man," this week (Alice von Hildebrand, anyone?  I wrote about one of her books here), and while I found the second part, about marriage and fatherhood, much more engaging, I think it's definitely worth a read.

{6} Slices of life lately...a sweet little bouquet I spied at the park (gathered by an unseen stranger), berry picking at a wonderful little farm my sister discovered, and my sister's talent on display: she baked me a chocolate sour cream belated birthday cake with cookie butter frosting!

{7} Beauty.

Enjoy your weekend!  Mine will be spent packing, hiking, and hosting.  I'd love to know what you're up to, too!


  1. What a blessing to be gifted a large amount of baby clothes! Good luck with your transitions!

  2. Congrats - on it all! The move will be exciting and the job thing will work out. God is asking you to be patient in so many ways, but I'm betting his answer will be awesome. Blessed weekend!

  3. Happy belated birthday and holey moley, that cake looks delicious!

  4. What a blessing to have such sweet co-workers! I can't wait to see where God takes you next!

    Happy belated birthday! :)

    Love the slices of your life recently! Fresh berries are the BEST!

    1. Thanks so much! We gobbled pounds and pounds, literally, of berries all week and just used the last of them to make sorbet yesterday!



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