Thursday, May 2, 2013

In The Name Of Love


"We seek to liberate the human heart and restore the ethos of our post-modern, dazed and confused, aching, bleeding-for-love culture."

Amazing, right?  I met my friend Steph when we both worked as missionaries for Generation Life, an organization of young people speaking to young people on the pro-life and chastity messages, all to build a culture of life and authentic love.  This weekend, she's running a half-marathon to raise funds for her mission work with the organization--13.1 miles, inspired by 1 Corinth 13:1-8: love never fails.

Steph is collecting donations for about 3 more days--do you have $13 to spare?  It can be a self-conscious thing to ask friends for money, though I certainly think it's justified and necessary when it comes to funding one's ministry (I also raised my own salary, though not nearly as creatively, when I was a missionary).  And I certainly won't be getting any of this money for myself.  No; it's because I believe so deeply in these messages and in this work, as healing for a culture so hungry and so desperately searching for love, that I'm sharing Steph's sacrificial and completely loving undertaking with you.

Consider it, won't you?  I can say that my year as a missionary was one of the most formative and radically beautiful times in my life, and I've seen firsthand the scales falling from young men and women's eyes when they hear, maybe for the first time, who they are and what they're meant for.  To read more about Generation Life, Steph's half, and to make a donation, click here

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