Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY: Gilded Accents

I seriously have to wonder: is there any wedding scheme or theme that wouldn't benefit from a golden touch?  For a really long time, I only wore silver jewelry, and I love my wedding and engagement rings in white gold, but lately I've been thinking that for decor, and even fashion (lifelong pieces like diamond rings notwithstanding), gold is becoming my favorite metallic.  It's a nice warm, four-season neutral, and judging by so many of the playful wedding crafts I've come across lately, it has plenty of charm to spare (I get vibes of this and this).

I rounded up a few simple, sophisticated DIYs for you, most requiring little more than shiny paint or gold leaf and a little patience.  Links are in the captions.

1. Urchin Sculptures.  2. Votive Lights.  3. Gold Foil Glassware.  4. Confetti and Chevron Placemats (admittedly, not a DIY, but to pretty to ignore, and not hard to pull off with Publisher and your printer!).  5. Coral Sculptures.  More inspiration here, here, and here.

If, like me, the idea of decorating something like 150 little coffee mugs intimidates, I love the idea of these crafts as bridesmaid gifts or rehearsal dinner decor!  What do you think?  Would you take any of these projects for a whirl?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Our colors for our winter wedding were gold, cream, and dusty rose. You're right, the gold was SO warm and rich and beautiful. Perfection!

  2. I love the gold sea urchins! They would add a little bit of starry beauty for a Christmas wedding and would (of course) look beachy for a summer wedding.

    On another gold note, if you want to change up your wedding bands a bit, my mother in law had hers gold dipped a couple times. I think it essentially plates them in gold and its pretty easy to reverse as well.

  3. I'm planning a dark teal and gold themed November wedding, and I hadn't even thought about gold paint! Definitely keeping it in mind. Thanks for the ideas!

    I used to think I preferred silver jewelry, but now all my favorite pieces have yellow gold and sapphires--including my engagement ring :-).

    1. Ohh, your wedding colors sound so perfect for Fall! And teal with sapphires, oh my goodness!



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