Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Spirit Rejoices: The Spirit and The Bride and Love On Top

{sweet sounds for your Mass and reception}

Weddings, of course, have a way of bringing pretty different people together--obscure relatives from both of your families, old friends, maybe co-workers, and at the end of the day, it will have brought you and your new spouse together!  The thing about having so many people all at one Mass is that everyone's coming from at least a slightly different place spiritually.  Some of your guests might not go to Mass regularly, some might have been praying for you and your vocation since you were born, or some might be practicing the faith without really understanding it.  Some might be broken.

Celebrating a new marriage is a beautiful thing, but for someone single, divorced, widowed, or hurt by the culture, it's sometimes painful to be reminded that there's a certain absence of authentic love in one's life.  No matter where your guests are, and even if it hurts, humbly know that your love is a gift to everyone who witnesses it, and compassionately understand that it's not always easy. 

Matt Maher gets that everyone's hungryThe Spirit and The Bride invites everyone, not just the perfect or the righteous, to Love's banquet.  "The thirsty in need of the river," "all the hurting souls running from their healer," "the skeptics," "the fatherless," and even "the Pharisees."  

No matter what you've been through, he sings, "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'come.'"  It's a gentle, loving invitation, one that I think invokes the imagery of marriage in a beautiful way while emphasizing that the Father is the ultimate wellspring of true love.

I have to admit, this Beyonce fan is still kind of mad at her for the Super Bowl (this article articulates my feelings perfectly--it's well worth a read!), but there's no denying the girl's got talent.  Love On Top is a singable, joy-filled expression of having finally found love with someone who knows you're worth it.  Sounds exactly like how you should feel on your wedding day, right?  Listen to B. here.

Toss in your two cents!  What do you think of these picks?



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