Friday, March 22, 2013

Love Notes: Holy Week Traditions

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Andrew and I had a long-distance engagement, and one of the things I was most looking forward to as a married couple was starting our own religious and holiday traditions.  We'd spent Easter Sunday with each other's families before, but never the rest of Holy Week, and I loved our first married Triduum last year.  Growing up, my family always went to Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, which I loved, but the rest of the time, I tended to forget about the solemness of Holy week.

It wasn't until I met Andrew's family that I realized what a beautiful opportunity the Triduum is for entering into Jesus' last hours.  My husband's family lives right near our college campus, one of my favorite places in the world, and goes to the Good Friday service there.  After, they have friends over for matzoh ball soup.  Oh!  They also take cold showers on Good Friday (much as I try, I'm not that hardcore yet).  It was so nice to finally take part in something I'd only heard about for a few years beforehand.  Andrew and I were able to add our own new rituals, too: prayer in the main campus chapel, which is always nearly empty since the service is in another chapel further away, and a rosary walk through the replica of the Grotto of Lourdes.  This year I'd also really like to spend a part of Holy Thursday in Adoration.

What about you?  If you're lucky enough to spend Holy Week with your fiance, here are a few ideas for traditions you can make yours:
  • Spend the week reading a portion of one of the Gospels each night.
  • Make yourselves a Lenten playlist.  I love Jon Foreman, Josh Garrels, Mumford and Sons, Mike Mangione, and Mat Kearney for music that digs deep into sin and redemption, the ache, and suffering.
  • Come up with an extra penance that you can both do this week.  A spending fast?  No meat any night of the week?  No TV?
Holy Thursday:
  • Pray a Holy Hour together, before the Blessed Sacrament if your church offers it.  Spend some time keeping watch with Jesus.
Good Friday: 
Holy Saturday:
  • Dye eggs (I realize this isn't exactly a religious thing, but it's still fun, and helps you anticipate what's coming the next day).
  • If your family makes a big Easter feast, help cook and prepare.  I've loved picking up family recipes while I help our grandmas!

What do you think?  I know that there are so many special cultural traditions within the Church, and just from family to family.  I'd love to hear yours!

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