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Like a Lily: Kendra

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I doubt today's guest wedding stylist needs an introduction.  Meet Kendra, one of the ladies behind Fine Linen and Purple!  She has a love for bold colors and twirly skirts, and was sweet enough to share her own wedding photos with me as inspiration for other brides.  Be sure to visit the site for more on fashion and authentic beauty, as well as Kendra's personal blog, The Nerdy Wife, to read about life with Stephen, her handsome hubby, and Henry, their adorable peanut!

Making the Moment Photography
Isn't Kendra and Stephen's wedding just gorgeous?  Here's her take:

Purple has been my favorite color for many years. I knew right away that I would use it as the main color in the wedding. I never wanted anything else until it was suggested to try some pinks as well, in the flowers and decorations. We added silver for balance.  I love lace, and even tried on a full lace dress, but it didn't seem to fit for a June wedding. So instead I chose a 'lighter' dress (literally, those lace dresses are HEAVY!) with lace and beading detail, and incorporated a little lace into our table decorations. I kept my hair half down because I never ever put my hair up in my everyday life, and I didn't want to look drastically different. I'm so glad I did!

Some of the best parts of our wedding were gifts. The biggest one was our beautiful cake, made from scratch by my husband's grandmother! She has been making cakes since her own sisters' weddings, and certainly didn't disappoint for ours.  My bridesmaids wore knee length halter dresses.

Overall, we saved where we knew we could or didn't care as much, but spent where we felt it mattered. Our largest budgeted item was actually the photography, and I am glad we did. I won't look back and wish we had fancier invitations or more expensive flowers, but I would regret not having beautiful picture memories of our special day. Our photographer captured the beauty of Christ and our vows at the ceremony, and the love of family and friends at our reception. There was absolutely no price tag (to us) on having him there to do such an awesome job. 

Kendra's Style:
Describe your personal style in 5 words.  Practical, dressy, colorful, fun, feminine.  

What's the secret to punching up an outfit on the days when you're tired of everything in your closet?
  I’m the kind of person who thinks of my clothing in “sets,” like a certain tank top goes with a specific cardigan, or this scarf goes with this sweater, etc. So on days that I feel like I’ve worn everything a hundred times, it helps to mix things up! I’ll take my clothes and put them  together in a way that I haven’t before, which is oftentimes a fun process in itself. I’ll also do things like alternate wearing glasses or contacts, or experiment with different hairstyles, which can make the same outfit look very different.

Name a few of your wardrobe essentials.
  I’m big on layering, so I buy basic tanks and cap sleeve shirts in various plain colors, as well as cardigans in different colors, to mix and match. I think every woman who wears pants needs a good quality pair of skinny jeans, as they transition well to the different seasons: fitted shirt + sandals or flats in the summer, sweater + boots in the fall and winter. I am more of a skirt person, so I like to have at least one basic skirt (mine is gray), and one fun skirt (I picked out a magenta one from Target), which will basically get you through spring, summer, and fall!  I also think you can’t go wrong with buying a few fun knee length dresses. There are so many ways to change them up for each season, using cardigans, scarves, leggings, flats, boots, sandals, or heels. 

Favorite shoes: Depends on the season! Right now the everyday weather here is mild winter, and I think a good pair of flat ankle boots are the most versatile for daily wear. I love my black ankle boots from Kohl’s!

Favorite places to shop: I like H&M for basic clothing essentials. Ruche is a fantastic online shop for unique vintage-looking stuff.  NY&Company for jewelry and accessories, although I’ve drifted towards Etsy lately for that sort of thing. I actually found my wedding jewelry on Etsy!

Favorite nail color: Pastel pink. Not too flashy, but it makes me feel very feminine.

Every girl has days when she struggles with her looks and her worth.  What do you do to remind yourself you're a beloved, beautiful daughter of the King?  It’s so easy to focus on the thousands of harmful messages out there and forget the most important one: that God made you and I in His image and likeness. I’m exactly who I am on purpose, by God’s design, which makes me beautiful. 

What's an item you can't live without?  If I had to choose just one thing that I could not live without, it would be my maxi skirts. I alternate between my maxi skirts every single day in spring, summer, and fall. 

How can a bride reflect her everyday style in her wedding day style?  It’s completely normal to want try fun and different things when planning your wedding, but you definitely don’t have to abandon your personal, everyday style. It’s fairly simple to incorporate who you really are into even the most formal of weddings. Are you normally a ponytail gal? Maybe you could do a fancy braid for your hairstyle. If you normally like a lot of detail in your clothing, you could try a lace dress, or one with intricate beading. The cake, the music, the table decorations, and nearly everything else can be easily customized to reflect your favorite colors, your hobbies, or who you are as a couple. Just because a wedding is a formal affair doesn’t mean you have to be a completely different person!

Fashion, evangelization, and the Feminine Genius: your thoughts?  I love fashion. It’s a wonderful hobby for me, in fact. I look at it as a craft....carefully scouring stores and racks for unique items, and putting together different combinations until I get a lovely outfit.  What does this have to do with evangelization and the Feminine Genius? I think it’s important, as a Catholic woman, to be happy with my body and my appearance. Taking the time to look nice, even in my fairly boring everyday life, is important to me because I think it sends a positive message. I care how I present myself to others, and I notice that starting the day with taking care of myself, both body and soul, cultivates a positive mental attitude within me. I want to show the world that faith is not anti-beauty, but rather faith, beauty, and joy go hand-in-hand.

Such sound advice, in style and in weddings, right?  Visit Kendra at her blogs, and leave her some love in the comments!


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  2. Kendra, I've really been wanting a maxi skirt and now you mention them! Darn, I'm going to HAVE TO find one now!



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