Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY- The Mrs. Thank You Notes

Can I tell you one of my secrets?  Long before we started dating, I knew I was going to marry my husband.  I sat a few rows over from Andrew in our 19th Century Brit Lit class and would always look forward to what he had to say and think about how cute he was.  That's not my secret, though.

It's this, one that we might both share: within a few months of dating, when I should've been doing my homework, I'd instead flip to a blank page in the back of my notebook and start writing my name with his last name.  Nothing new, of course (what girl hasn't done that at some point along the way?), but I constantly felt like I was about to be found out!  Sometimes, Andrew would sit with me in the library while I studied, and would ask for a piece of paper to write a poem or notes on whatever he was reading (remember, people, he's an English teacher), whereupon I'd scramble awkwardly through my bag to find a different, non-marital notebook.  Eventually, I'd vandalized all of them.  We laugh about it now--both of us, we discovered, had been so sure of the other very early on, but kept it quiet for the sake of moderation and not acting totally crazy.

In the spirit of those doodling days, I came up with an easy Thank You note you can design yourself!  I actually had aspirations of making them to use after my bridal shower, but with all of the pre-wedding insanity, I never got a chance.  Hopefully you can plan things better than I did.  Here's how, using a desktop publishing program like Publisher:

Choose a quarter-fold greeting card template, with a top fold.

 Search for a stock photo of a notebook page.  Or a stationary header.  Or any pretty piece of paper; pick what suits you!  Insert it onto what will be the front of the card, and crop as necessary.

 Draw a few text boxes on top of your background, then start typing in as many iterations of your maiden and future names as you can think of.  End with what your married name will be, and using the Fonts menu, strike through every line but the last one.  I used the scribble shape tool to add a circle and draw a little heart.

You'll find a plethora of handwriting fonts here!

Add another text box to the bottom with the caption true story.

Following the page guidelines in your program, to ensure that everything gets printed in the right direction, draw a text box on the inside of the card with the line love story.

Obviously, if you can think of better captions, do use them, and then tell me what they are.  Print these babies and you're done!  What do you think?  Share your most creative thank you ideas here!


  1. such a cute story and yes all us girls are guilty of the name scribbling at some point!

    love from NYC,


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    1. So true, isn't it?! Thanks for reading, Taylor! Off to go explore your blog =)

  2. So cute - I love that idea! I have yet to meet a girl who isn't guilty of vandalizing her notebooks like that =)

  3. That is such a great idea and so cute! Imagine my delight when I started pairing my name "Catherine" with my husband's last name, "Rose". Katie Rose--best married name ever.

    1. Such a good married name, indeed! Thanks, Katie =)



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