Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inspired: All That Glitters

{wedding candy}

A few months ago, I fell for and bought the most perfect pair of sparkly pumps.  Not too high or too low, special enough to dress up all of my basics, and topped with the best oversized bow.  I came home from shopping and excitedly waved them in my husband's face.  He smirked.  "Those look,"  he said, "like the kind of craft project little kids do."

How hopelessly unstylish of him, I thought.  And so it has continued: Andrew bemusedly smiles while I happily wear my shoes as often as possible.  Today, I suppose, we'll discover which one of us is in our right minds, because today's theme is all about glitter.

Before you go dismissing the idea as tacky, have a look at the devastatingly classy Kate Spade photos below.  Using those as inspiration, I've decided that sparkly touches and pops of color, in the forms of statement jewelry, bright accessories, and perfectly Christmassy decor, can add the best sense of festive cheer to a holiday wedding.  Let your light shine!  May I also suggest sparklers for toasts and for your big exit?

1. Tassel Garland, Confetti System.  2. & 3. Necklaces, Bauble Bar.  4. & 5. Bangles, Target.  6. Nicole by OPI Polish in Glitter In My Stocking (Paint your nails a neutral color, then add this sparkly gold on just your ring fingers!).  7. Favor Tags, Etsy.  8. Adrienne Pumps, Shoemint.  9. Glitter Initials, Etsy.  10. Faux Fur Scarf, Target.  11. Boxwood Wreath, Save On Crafts.

What's your take?  Would you include any of these glittery additions?


  1. I love me some glittery nail polish!!

    1. You are a girl after my own heart! Me too!

  2. I have plans to make glitter heels like this some time...
    And someone else who did them in another colour:


    1. Love it! That first pair is such a cute Something Blue! I've seen tutorials like these, too, but never quite had the ambition to do it myself =)



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