Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Economy of Salvation: Winter Bouquet Alternatives

{simple ways to save your pennies on the most expensive day of your life}

Maybe you want to preserve it.  Maybe you want to give it to your grandma.  Maybe you want to toss it while the Single Ladies song plays.  Regardless, your bouquet is pretty much a bridal essential, wouldn't you say?

The great thing about flowers is that there's almost always something in season, which can be a major money-saver over ordering special blooms from far away, where your particular flowers happen to be growing.  But admittedly, the more local pickings can be slimmer in cold weather.

To take your savings a step further without sacrificing looks, I'd submit that this time of year is perfect for carrying a fresh, festive alternative to flowers--greenery, branches, and metallic touches fit so well with the holiday season, and what's more, they can be much more permanent than flowers, giving you a wonderful wedding-day keepsake!  Get inspired by these lovelies:

I'd love to hear about your bouquet!  What do you think?  Would you choose one of these wintry alternatives to flowers?

P.S. I have a guest post today on Arleen Spencely's blog, about why we've chosen not to use contraception.  You can read it here, and be sure to check out the rest of her writing on love, sex, and relationships!  I'm obssessed.

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