Monday, November 5, 2012

Mod (est) ify: A More Modest Wedding Dress, the Fall & Winter Edition

Remember when I wrote about strapless dresses a few months ago?  I loved reading all of your opinions and would be so happy to continue that discussion!  Regardless of your take on strapless, it's cold.  So what are you going to wear to stay covered and cozy during the upcoming seasons?

I think Fall and Winter are perfect for topping your gown with something both warm and chic, to wear as you're in transit and even for a few photos. When you think about it, you actually have more options than the warmer months for covering your shoulders if it's important to you; plus, you won't have to smile for tons of pictures as your teeth chatter!  A simple wrap, a cropped cardigan, or even luxe fur...there are plenty of choices out there.  You can match your dress with something white, but remember that white also goes with everything--I think a pop of color would be adorable!  My friend Beth found the prettiest blush-colored sweater to wear over her dress while she went from Mass to reception.

1,  2 , and 6  J. Crew  Factory.  3, 4, and 5 H&M.  7. J. Crew  8. American Eagle  9. American Apparel  10.

Which one's your favorite?  Have you picked out anything warm to wear with your dress yet?


  1. I bought a Wrapor from the UK to wear at my wedding in December. It's the perfect blend of wrap and bolero. Stays puts, looks great, can be made to match or complement your dress. Here's the link:

    Seriously - this thing was amazing.

    1. Thanks for sharing the link, Jenn! You were a were a radiantly gorgeous, perfectly Christmassy bride =)

  2. I am always fond of fur because I like to look different from everyone else (especially at parties), but I seriously love that sequined blazer & want to pair it with denim. I love blazers!!!

    1. It's funny, I have had issues with fur, even the fake kind, ever since my 8th grade history teacher brought in her collection of furs to somehow help teach my class about the fur trade in the French and Indian War...there was this scarf made of ferrets, and their little faces and paws were still attached! I've never been the same since =)

      And oh my goodness, I am in love with those sequins, too! If only I had an occasion to wear them!

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