Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspired: Wedding Monograms

{wedding candy}

I am a terribly lazy newlywed.  A year and a half after my wedding, I have lost my new Social Security Card and still have a Driver's License (out of state, too), debit card (though we got a joint account), and email address with my maiden name.  Moving to another state, to live where Andrew was going to grad school, was a big factor in my tortoise-like speed to change my name; a new license would involve a new vehicle registration and insurance, and our bank isn't local to our new area.

My currently dual identity notwithstanding, I remember being engaged and feeling such anticipation for taking Andrew's name.  Sharing it, I thought, would make us feel united as man and wife in a very real way, of course, but also very much like our own family, which was so exciting to me.

So, what better way to celebrate your new last name than with a monogram?  Unless your fiance's name starts with the same letter as your maiden name does, you'll be getting a whole new set of initials soon.  I love the personal touch a monogram can add to practically anything, from your reception decorations to items for your nest to accessories you'll wear forever.  Here are a few monogrammed items I adore, for you, your guests, and, so he's not left out, your hubby to be:

1. & 2. Minted  3. Etsy  4. L.L. Bean  5. K. Slademade  6. Swell Caroline  7. J.McLaughlin  8. Pinterest (source)  9. Catbird  10. DKM

Tell me which one you like best!

By the way, do any of you do this thing I do, which is to start saying your friend's name with her boyfriend's last name as soon as she tells you he's the one?!  By the time their wedding rolls around, you don't even have to think about it!

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