Friday, November 9, 2012

D I Y: Printable Calling Cards

Unfortunate but true: it's almost impossible to talk to every single one of your wedding guests during your reception.  Hopefully, you'll still be able to clearly, graciously express your thanks to everyone and to chat with them soon after.  Snail mail can be a great way to do it!

Aside from thank you notes, belated gifts, and future correspondence, I bet one or both of you will be moving after your wedding day.  So, how are you going to announce your new address?  Calling cards are a chic, classy way to spread the word.  Just print your names and new address on nice cardstock, and slip them in with your favors or wedding programs for an easy, accessible way for everyone to stay in touch after the big day.  I made a few designs for you here!  All that's left is for you to write or type in your new information.

To download these calling cards, save the images to your computer, then paste them into a desktop publishing program like Microsoft Publisher that lets you easily move and resize images.  Add in a text box with your names and new address, if you don't want to hand write them.  Copy the image multiple times on a page, then print it off on cardstock and cut each one apart.

Tell me what you think!  Do you have a creative idea in mind for sharing your new contact info?  Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I'm going to my last college-friends wedding tomorrow!  Please lift up my friends Jonathan and Siobhan in prayer, as well as all other couples entering into marriage this weekend!



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