Monday, October 15, 2012

Rite Resources: Puzzlemaker

One semester, my college offered free newspapers every day.  In between our 10:00 classes and noon Mass, my friends and I would sometimes compete and sometimes help each other to finish the crossword puzzle and Sudoku while we watched The Price Is Right.  It's one of my fondest memories.

You know how I feel so strongly that you should make your wedding as personal as possible?  Given how much I love puzzles, and how smart and willing a helper Andrew is, I really wanted to make a crossword for our guests to work on during the cocktail hour, when the two of us would be busy taking pictures.  I first encountered Puzzlemaker way back in middle school--my sixth grade science teacher had us make crosswords to trade with a partner and use as a study guide at the end of each unit (five letter scientific name for your shinbone, anyone?*).  This super nifty, free service lets you make word searches, crosswords, hidden message word games, and those unscramble-the-bubbled-letters puzzles.  You supply the clues, and they do all the behind-the-scenes formatting for you!

I think a puzzle is a perfect pastime for your guests before your reception gets underway.  It's a great way for your different friends and family members to interact as they help each other with clues, and for your less familiar guests like your new husband's great aunt and uncle, a fun way for them to get to know more about two of you!  We tried to create a mix of clues in our crossword puzzle, ranging from more universal, nuptial-related words and phrases from the Rite of Marriage, information they could learn from our wedding programs like our middle names, and a few more obscure things about each of us (little-known fact: I know all the words to the song MMMBop by Hanson.  Yes, there are real words).  We loved making it, and best of all, it hardly cost anything to print enough copies for all of our guests!  A thrifty goodie that lets you share yourselves in an original, personal way: what's not to like?

So tell me: are there any other puzzle-lovers like me out there?  What other games and activities do you dream of offering your guests?


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