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My Spirit Rejoices: How He Loves and January Wedding

{sweet sounds for your Mass and reception}

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  When Andrew and I first started dating, there were so many nights when I'd be walking across campus by myself, to the gym or the library, and just start laughing out loud to myself under the stars.  A few times, I lay down in the grass while I did it.  I kept smiling at the thought that I knew I'd finally found him, the future husband I'd been praying for and wondering about for years, and just happily saying "Thank You!" out loud over and over.  I was overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness to me.

How He loves us.  What a gift He's given to me, by no merit of my own.  Do you ever feel this way, just so completely thankful for your beloved that you can hardly believe such a blessing is possible?  How He Loves expresses these feelings perfectly.  In the last few years, I've begun to favor secular music with a spiritual bent over straight up Christian music, because I love the realness and vulnerability that's there; rather than just praise, there is genuine emotion and real scars.  There are a few lines in this song that convey that same idea, like these:

All of a sudden
I am unaware
of these afflictions
eclipsed by glory

There's also pure awe and wonder in this song:  yes, He really does love us that much.  Beauty.  Listen to it here!

Okay, disclaimer time: I realize it's only October, but this is one of my favorite songs, and I was thinking to myself, "You know, this song is called January Wedding, so there's really only one appropriate month when someone could play it, but if I wait until January to actually feature it, all the girls getting married then will have already chosen a song."  Just how my mind works, I guess.  Anyway, I love, love, love The Avett Brothers.  These two actual brothers and their band write such honest, lyrical songs about light in darkness and hope in brokenness, with a religious sensibility that never comes off as preachy.  January Wedding is one of their most charming love songs.  Observe:

She's talkin' to me with her
voice down so low I barely hear her.
But I know what she's sayin'
I understand because my heart and hers
are the same.


I hope that I don't sound too insane
when I say there is darkness
all around us.
I don't feel weak but I do
need sometimes for her to protect me
and reconnect me to the beauty
that I'm missing.

I told you there's darkness and light.  It's funny; my younger self never would've found lyrics like these romantic.  I used to always want songs to have a perfect, Taylor Swift-style happy ending.  But now, having grown more spiritually and having seen the reality of our aches and our brokenness, I absolutely love songs that see the truth of who we are and let love in to heal.  And so, January brides, I humbly submit this sweet little ditty for a spot on your must-play list.  What do you think?

Listen to January Wedding here!

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