Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheers! Here's to Love

Saturday, my sweet grandparents celebrated 55 years of marriage!  Through six kids, plenty of vacations and hospital visits, tons of hilarious fashions, and now 17 grandchildren and 2 great-grandbabies, they have stood by each other so fiercely.  They eloped very shortly after they met, my grandma in a red dress.  There's only one picture that captured that start of a life.  They tease each other relentlessly and love to go for long afternoon drives.  No matter what she's cooking, he'll say, "that's one of my favorites."

I can hardly think of two people more in love.

A few years ago, for their 50th anniversary, my dad and his brothers and sisters threw a huge surprise party for them, made all the more special since they'd never had a wedding reception.  They shared an official first dance, though it was another in the series of many, many dances they've danced through the years, and cut their very own wedding cake.  I'm thankful beyond words to have grown up surrounded by their love, one that speaks to a holy marriage and to never going through heartache alone.  Happy Anniversary, OG and Poppy!


  1. My grandparents just celebrated their 60th. It's so beautiful to see love that lasts so long. My grandparents got married in Vegas and my grandma wore a yellow bridesmaid dress. Because the pictures are black and white, it looks like a wedding dress, and it's just so, so sweet.

    1. You know, I'm so glad you shared that! It reminded me that I actually read your grandparents' anniversary post recently and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it, but my browser at work wouldn't let me! So, allow me to say here that I loved reading about the beginning of their life together and all their years of faithfulness =)



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