Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Volume 4

{story of a soul, condensed}

A few pieces of my life lately...visit Jennifer's blog, Conversion Diary, to read more Quick Takes!

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{1} These are all my pants and shorts.  On one level, I find joy in the fact that I can arrange them in rainbow order and dress myself in orange sailboats on days when nothing else is bright enough to match my mood (Andrew teases me relentlessly).  But, on the other, seeing them all lined up like this made me ask myself if anyone actually needs pants in every color of the rainbow.  I'm trying to detach.  My spending fast continues...

{2} It's kind of unbelievable that in nearly three years, neither my husband nor I have been sick around each other.  That streak had to come to an end sometime...last weekend was my first encounter with a sick Andrew.  Fever, chills, sore muscles, sore throat, the whole nine.  I've been surprised by how little his germs matter to me when it comes to spending time together!  I'd much rather be near him, taking care of him and maybe getting a little sick myself, than keep my distance and miss out on opportunities to love him.  It's definitely not my most natural inclination, but it's such a nice feeling not to have "his and hers" type responsibilities, and just do what's needed for love of the other person.  Andrew is so reluctant to let me sacrifice sometimes--once, he actually got "accept your wife's loving help" as a penance!  I love him for his selflessness, but I enjoy being able to help him just as much!

{3} Do you ever get lost by accident in a black hole of other people's blogs, then crawl out after a whole afternoon of wishing yours was prettier, cleaner, or more glamorous?  I adore Sarah Tolzmann's design blog Note to Self.  This girl is mega talented at graphic design and has amazing taste in fashion and art.  So, imagine my surprise and admiration at this post, in which Sarah points out how unrealistic, if fun, the blogging can be.  I love her humility as she says that being genuine is way more important than being flawless--it can definitely be a temptation to only portray your life in a certain flattering way when you're using social media.  Props to her!  She reminded me that comparison is a thief--you can't let it steal your originality or your peace.

{4} This.

{5} Did you catch my post about A Severe Mercy a few weeks ago?  I just happened upon this reflection on humble submission and leadership between a husband and wife, using Sheldon and Davy Vanauken's amazingly loving example.  The Personalist Project is a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the dignity of the human person that was introduced to me by some friends in my temporary home near Philadelphia.  Their blog is incredible--I'm a huge philosophy dork who's most drawn to discussions of love, sexuality, and human dignity, and the articles here always capture my interest.  Read it and tell me what you think!

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{6} I have a new obsession.  For months, I've been inspired by nontraditional calligraphy that looks more obviously handwritten than its uniform, formal counterparts, but as much as I love to doodle, I struggle.  I found this simple tutorial to hold me over until I venture into the world of actual ink and brushes.  Here's to new hobbies!  What is it you're dying to learn?

{7} I have made spaghetti squash twice in my life.  The first time, I accidentally food-poisoned myself and all my friends.  Oops.  The second time was the other night, and I'm happy to report that no one got sick (well, my husband was already sick, so...)!  Our grocery store had a huge sale on three kinds of squash, so I bought one of each and have been loving the new variety of veggies that come with Fall.  This kind is so easy to just bake in the oven until it's soft, when you can use a fork to shred it into spaghetti-style strands.  We ate ours with marinara, garlic, olive oil, and actual olives.  So good!  This is my favorite sauce's a little sweet, thanks to carrots and celery (don't worry, the pieces are tiny), completely ungreasy, and sneaks in an extra serving of vegetables.  It was delish on the squash, but every time I make it I just sit there eating the sauce straight out of a bowl!  Thank you, Giada.

Tell me about your weekend plans; I'd love to know what you're up to! 


  1. I love all the bright colored bottoms! #4 - Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing that! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Stephanie! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I hope your weekend was fabulous, as well!

  2. I have always wanted colorful pants but I'm so scared to try! It's so silly. So I end up wearing brown, gray, navy, and black to work lol. I have some summery colored pants that are fairly casual(a turquoise, a magenta, and red) but my winter pants are SO dull. I need to find some good fall colors.

    1. Yessss go for it! I keep seeing cordorouys in really festive fall colors! They aren't quite as bright, so they seem like a good choice to ease into things =)

  3. I LOVE calligraphy! Have you seen They are amazing!

    1. Correction - I should say *she* is amazing :)



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