Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Notes: Moonrise Kingdom

{small ways to show great love}

Love heals.  It's a simple statement that takes dozens of forms, and I wholeheartedly suggest one of them to you this week.  Date night, anyone?

I'm forever thankful to my hubby for introducing me to the director Wes Anderson.  His movies all share a stylishly quirky, sort of vintage sensibility and stories about dysfunctional families that touch me in unexpected ways: a look between two characters who've spent a lifetime longing for each other, the sometimes surprising ease of forgiveness, and peoples' journeys to an understanding of the truth.  All of his films that I've seen end with a beautiful, but real, sense of hope; you get the sense that his characters' many scars are still right there on the surface, but that they're on the way to healing what's been broken between them.

Anyway, we couldn't wait to see Wes' newest movie, Moonrise Kingdom, and were so excited when it came to our town (it's been in a smaller release, I think)!  I have, have, have to recommend it to you.  Unlike his other movies, this one has kids, Sam and Suzy, as its heroes.  Boy, a not-so-eager boy scout, meets Girl, an angsty bookworm, when Girl stars as a raven in a play of Noah's Ark (I know!).  I don't want to give too much away, since I loved the story and since it provided so many small, lovely surprises, but I'll say that it's a perfect summer movie.  The story slowly pulls back its layers to reveal the deep hurt that even kids can experience--a few fairly violent moments shocked me, but they didn't feel gratuitous.  It's not just some light little romantic comedy, but that doesn't mean it's a downer at all.  The characters are sweetly broken but able to bring their hurt to the light, which is a beautiful thing, and the fantastical, adventurous vibe will make you want to go back to summer camp.  Best of all, the movie shows such a wonderfully innocent portrayal of love that hasn't been touched or stained by the world yet.  A little slice of purity reclaimed.

So go!  If Moonrise Kingdom is playing near you, it's absolutely worth the price of a ticket!  And, if or when you've seen it, do leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

P.S.- Remember Bryant and Amanda?  Their wedding is tomorrow!  Join me in interceding for them and for all other couples entering into marriage this weekend!

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