Monday, July 2, 2012

Turn the Page

This is a little off the topic of weddings today, but it's too good not to share!

Every once in a while, I love to take myself on an afternoon date to Barnes and Noble.  I walk around, collecting a pile of cookbooks and decorating books I'll probably never buy, and park myself in a comfy chair to look through them.  When it comes to magazines, though, there's much less that holds my interest.  I love reading about crafts, entertaining, and healthy living, so there's the Real Simple type publications, but when it comes to beauty, fashion, and just being a girl, I always feel like I come up short.  There's only one women's magazine that I regularly read, on the principle that it sticks to clothes, jewelry, and makeup, rather than sex and relationship articles.  Even in that one, though, it's hard not to compare your body and your budget to what they're presenting as an ideal.

Do you ever just feel tired and still hungry when you flip a magazine closed?  It seems like there's never been a solid, moderate mag between the choices targeted at our age group, which basically instruct one how to turn herself into a sexual object, and the more family-oriented choices for older women, which aren't as relevant to our current state in life.

Happily, I'm so excited to show you something better!  Verily is a brand new magazine for young women, with a mission to provide "an honest message that relates to their experiences which is uplifting, affirming, and true," "a holistic and positive vision of relationships to which women can aspire," and "wearable looks that complement women and enhance their dignity rather than compromise it."  You can read about their mission here.  Verily gets that femininity is special--so special that it's not meant to be put on display, used by a guy, compromised for success, or diminished by fear.  Their approach feels like such a fresh, right take on being a woman, doesn't it?  Best of all, this is top-notch reading, ladies!  It's got well-written, quality features, books I actually want to read, decorating ideas I can actually use, and dresses I would actually wear.  Typically, I dream about the stuff I see in magazines, knowing I'll never be able to afford it or pull it off, but everything here is real and accessible.

At Verily's website you can read their teaser issue, pore over their awesome blog, and even learn how to become a contributor.  You can buy a subscription, too.  So go!  Have a look, and breathe in that fresh air.

Have you read the teaser?  What do you think?


  1. Your post made me think of a new magazine that was launched this spring called "Dignitas." Have you heard of it?? You can read the first issue here: It's focused entirely on embracing the beauty and dignity of Christ-centered womanhood. :) I highly recommend it to all Catholic young women! And the best part: it's FREE!

    1. I just started reading this, Steph--thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. I haven't gotten through the whole teaser issue yet, but this is an amazing magazine! I love the multi-cultural contributors and breadth of focus, it seems like something that can appeal to a wide swath of women, not just serious Christians (although the Editor-in-Chief does use a lot of TotB we know if she's Catholic?)

    1. So glad you like Siobhan! I thought the same thing! I do believe the editors are Catholic, though I love how the language they use is so universal without compromising the truth of who we are.



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