Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspired: A Midsummer Night's Wedding

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Two disclaimers before this post gets underway: First, although I borrowed the title from the Shakespeare play I love, I have personally never been into weddings with woodland fairy type things.  You know, hairpieces made of tree branches and leaves, puffy-sleeved men in tights, and the whole nine.  Not that it's uncool if you do; it's just not really my thing.  Second, I am aware that midsummer was technically back in June, on the longest day of the year or whatever, but I'm just going with it, idea-wise.

This begs the question of what a midsummer night's wedding might actually look like.  I'm picturing an  evening celebration with a sophisticated palette of deep blues and warm, rosy metallic accents.

1. ModCloth  2. Target  3. Martha Stewart Weddings  4. Save-on-Crafts  5. J. Renee

There's nothing like candlelight to turn an already beautiful chapel into something extra special.  Add in a little glow!

How incredibly gorgeous is this monastery wedding?!
Set the tone with your stationary, too!

Printable Press
What do you think?  How are you bringing some starriness to your evening wedding?


  1. Oh, this is too beautiful. I'm swooning. I am one for woodland creatures, branches, and starry nights.

    1. So glad you like! Starry nights and the woods definitely bring out the romantic in me, too!



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