Friday, July 13, 2012

D I Y: Do Me a Favor

Ladies, I'm so excited to share this with you!  Very gradually and humbling-ly, I've been trying to teach myself some basic graphic design lately.  I want to put the results of it here, not to show off, but to offer you some wedding goodies!  Every few weeks, I'll alternate a DIY project with a printable you can use.

First up, a favor.  Not as in do me a favor, but as in a little token for your guests to take home.  I'm sure there are at least a few saints you've had a devotion to in your personal spiritual life and as a couple, and asking for their continued intercession in your marriage is a beautiful thing.  So, for a simple but powerful favor, slip a medal featuring your saint of choice onto a pretty ribbon and thread it through this card.  God willing, you'll have plenty of friends and family praying for you two in a specific way long after they head home from your reception.

You can download this prayer card by right clicking the blank one and saving it to your computer.  The two small circles in the center mark where you can punch holes for a ribbon or string. To add in your names and wedding date, open the image in a program like Publisher or Photoshop and add in a text box.  Enjoy!

What do you think?  Do you want to see more printables on Captive the Heart?  And, of course, if there's any issue with downloading or editing this, leave a comment and let me know!  I'm not baring my soul here; it's just a document that I want to make the best I can for you, so don't be afraid to speak up!


  1. This is awesome!!!!! Thank you so much for this. I definitely want to use it in the future, God willing! :)

  2. This is an awesome idea! Will definitely be using it in the future (hopefully near future! )



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